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Why Eventerprise?

quote-redI've been hosting small to medium size events for a few years now and it has never been easier since I started using Eventerprise.com.

This platform really streamlines the complex journey of every event.

Thanks a lot guys and keep up the stellar work.

Conor O'Hare

quote-greenEventerprise have taken a simple concept (connecting those planning an event with those vendors and venues who provide services to such events) and have created a market leading and innovative platform to put the two together.

Ben Sims

quote-blueSo refreshing to be able to source all requirements in one portal - one stop shop - no more endless browsing.

Definitely the solution for meeting the busy persons needs.

Great idea and great site.


Take the pain out of planning your event.

We get it, planning an event can be really stressful, and that sucks. You should be eager for the big day to arrive, not fretting over finding the right vendors, venues and event pro's. We built Eventerprise to make event planning and vendor selection a whole lot easier because we believe that events should be about creating memorable experiences.
  • Use our quick and easy EventerQuote/RFP widget to let vendors know what you need, when you need it and how much you're willing to pay.
  • Chat with vendors and compare their quotes and proposals all on one simple dashboard.
  • Read what previous clients have to say about vendors by checking their reviews
  • Choose the vendors, venue and event pro's you like best.
  • Use the time you've just saved to do the little things you love.
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