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An ANGLO Norwegian and A German walk into a spin class...

On a balmy Saturday morning in a gym somewhere in South Africa, two kindred spirits, Charlie Wright and Götz Thümecke met in a spin class of all places. Little did they know then that they were about to change the world of events irrevocably.

A further chance meeting at an event where the organising went decidedly awry fired up their shared love of entrepreneurship and the beautiful idea of connecting the world of events was born.

Although building a global online platform for the events community was definitely an audacious goal, it was by no means their first rodeo. Charlie is no stranger to top level events, having founded an award-winning events business in the Middle East - now part of the world's fastest growing event consortium, while Götz has had a celebrated career in marketing and consulting, forged across two continents.

“Excellent! I have checked out your website and love what you guys are working on. Your transparency and results are impressive!”

Brandon Fong

Los angeles, USA

“The event world is such a fluid, dynamic playing field and I think the best path to a successful outcome is a platform like Eventerprise. Different vendors have great difficulty in "sharing the glory" but having Eventerprise to help find new and better partners would be invaluable!”

Darrin Peterson

Signature Rentals

Idaho, USA

“I think this is a super concept and I cannot wait to see Eventerprise enter the US market.”

Warren Bingham

Seattle, USA

  • September 2013
    Charlie and gotz meet
  • October 2013
    Eventerprise concept is born
  • January 2015 goes live and is introduced to the media
  • April 2015
    Eventerprise switzerland founded
  • June2015
    eventerprise cape town opens its doors
  • July2015
    Nominated for 3 International Event Technology Awards
  • November2015
    dublin web summit
  • february 2016
    Eventi is born and version 3 of eventerprise goes live

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