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  • Eventerprise registers an official presence in the USA

It’s official, Eventerprise has US citizenship!

Eventerprise is proud to announce its official registration in the USA as of August 2017, an important milestone in the events platform's global growth plan.

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Are most event tech services and products overpriced fads for gullible clients?

The events industry has been transformed with the advent of technology, but is it all it’s cracked up to be or just another unnecessary expense?

  • Land your dream job

Land your dream job with these 5 easy tips

It's that time of the year when students and graduates are seeking internships and permanent positions and these tips will help you land your dream job.

  • Content Writers

Are Content Marketers The New Business Rock Stars?

Content marketers are playing an increasingly important role in entrepreneurship, whether its getting new ventures off the ground, or growing existing ones.

  • Eventerprise in the news

Eventerprise in the news: The Startup Magazine

Startup Magazine published an article about the top five startups that make planning any event a breeze and Eventerprise was featured.

  • Event planning checks

How to make sure your event planner is on top of your event

Use these clever tips to make sure your event planner communicates in an accurate, prompt manner and delivers on his/her promises.

  • Career skills

Do you have the right skills for a successful career?

Learnability has become a necessity for companies and job candidates alike. Digital-first internships are ideally positioned to develop this critical skill.

  • Eventerprise connections

Eventerprise in the news:

Startupbeat has published an article about Eventerprise's simplified connection process between event suppliers and those looking to plan an event.

  • Indian weddings

What you need to know about the ins and outs of Indian weddings

Indian weddings have many interesting and intricate traditions that form part of the big day so it's important to get each one right.

  • Silicon Valley workforce

There is a solution to Silicon Valley’s workforce conundrum

Investments in Silicon Valley startups are declining due to high production costs, but the hub-and-spoke model that Eventerprise uses may be a solution.

  • South Africa's Got Digital Talent

Help us develop the next generation of digital entrepreneurs

What is South Africa's Got Digital Talent? Join us to drive digital and entrepreneurial skill-building in South Africa by investing in the country’s youth.

  • Digital disruption

Conquer Digital Disruption with an Eventerprise Preferred Partnership

Digital disruption is coming, whether you choose to embrace the wave and diversify via a brand champion partnership or get lost at sea is up to you.

  • Lillian Young Gun Spotlight

Young Gun Spotlight: Lillian Gabreski

Eventerprise Content PostGrad Lillian Gabreski on the real-world career opportunities and fast-paced educational experience a Young Gun internship provides.

Eventerprise in the news: Event Industry News

Popular events publication, Event Industry News, has published an article about the launch of Eventerprise's automated quote & proposal system – EventerQuote/RFP.

Eventerprise 5.0 has been released and it’s an absolute ripper!

Our most comprehensive update thus far includes several great new products and improvements that take user experience to a whole new level, ensuring even faster, more seamless connections.

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