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5 top entertainment picks for your next Houston event

Houston, Texas is a culturally vibrant city with no shortage of creativity when it comes to unique entertainment ideas for private and corporate events.

  • Profile dashboard feature image

Manage your digital presence with the Eventerprise Profile Dashboard – infographic

Stay on top of all your profile activities and interactions while tracking the performance of your profile on the Eventerprise platform. 

  • startup recruitment

Don’t sink your startup team with conventional recruitment strategies

While you may be familiar with recruiting talent in the world of SME, there’s an entirely separate set of best practices to successful startup recruitment.

  • Employee Engagement

Six ways to cultivate employee engagement at work

New studies emphasise the importance of a culture of engagement at work to keep people on board and maximise productivity.

  • Collaboration Digital

Collaboration is Essential to a Startup’s Success

In early-stage startups, collaboration equals more productivity, vital to maximising available resources, as well as lower costs and increased output.

  • South Africa's Got Digital Talent

Help us build a more diverse tech industry by developing South Africa’s Digital Talent

Too many young South Africans have digital talent but lack resources to complete an unpaid internship. With your feedback, let's drive diversity in tech.

  • 5 of the best wedding caterers in Dallas

5 of the best wedding caterers in Dallas

Dallas, Texas is home to some of the US's most reputable and respected caterers who can turn the main meal at your wedding into a luxury cuisine experience.

  • Customer Success

Disrupting the events industry with stellar customer success

It’s easier than ever for a company to gain traction because it's disrupting the market via great customer success - and that’s what Eventerprise is doing.

Young Gun Spotlight: Rene Van Der Vlugt – video

Finance Young Gun, Rene Van Der Vlugt, talks about his experiences and what he learned during his time working at Eventerprise’s Cape Town hub.

5 of the BEST Wedding Caterers in Houston

Houston, Texas does not fall short when it comes to wedding caterers who are unique and deliver stunning presentations paired with sensational taste.

  • 5 of the Best Conference & Convention Venues in Dallas

5 of the Best Conference & Convention Venues in Dallas

Dallas is home to some of the best corporate venues in the U.S. ranging from massive convention venues to intimate conference facilities.

5 of the BEST Conference & Convention venues in Houston

Houston, Texas has an array of popular, glamorous conference and convention venues that will house your next event in style.

  • diversity eventerprise

In startups – diversity and success are interdependent

At Eventerprise, we don’t have Silicon Valley’s huge diversity problem. Via our unique hiring process, we look for everyone who has the drive to succeed.

  • Kelly EventerTechTalk

EventerTech Talk with Kelly: Young Gun Application Process

Global Talent Specialist Kelly Hope talks about the Young Gun Application Process and offers tips for students interested in completing an international internship.

  • Silicon Valley San Francisco feature image

San Francisco and Silicon Valley are important to Eventerprise

Silicon Valley and San Francisco have been the epicenter for tech startups and innovative thinking for years and monumental things have been achieved here.