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10 Imitation Barriers That Make Eventerprise Unique

Written by Birgit Thümecke · 6 min read >

The Eventerprise founders and T.E.A.M have invested a substantial amount of time and effort over the last four years to create competitive advantages that are in line with their core philosophies, and which make the Eventerprise culture so unique.

“…every time we create something new, we go from 0 to 1. The act of creation is singular, as is the moment of creation, and the result is something fresh and strange. Unless they invest in the difficult task of creating new things, companies will fail…”

Peter Thiel

Proprietary technology is a process, tool, system or similar item that is the property of a business or an individual and provides some sort of benefit or advantage to the owner. Companies that are able to develop useful proprietary technologies in-house are rewarded with a valuable asset: they can either use it exclusively or profit from the sale of licensing of their technology to other parties.

You can build a defensible business model as a system of engagement, intelligence, or record, but with the advent of AI, intelligent applications will be the source of the next generation of great software companies because they will be the new moats.

1. Not a Directory is not a directory, but a platform that connects demand with supply in a more intelligent manner than any other platform. To be precise, we’re the first platform to provide clients with an automated quote request mechanism, dynamically updated product and service feedback, as well as various interactive features that allow seamless connections between event suppliers and their clients.

Sophisticated measurement tools allow Eventerprise to collect accurate data about event-related audiences and their activities (traffic, engagements, and connections).

Event suppliers can edit and update their profiles, boost their digital exposure with add-on advertising, and measure the quality of their total digital footprint, which includes the performance of their Eventerprise profile, via their profile dashboards.

Eventerprise provides the first comprehensive view of digital consumer behavior and measurable engagement within the global event industry. Where other event platforms are simply static collections of business listings, the robust functionality of the Eventerprise platform makes it a lead-generating tool and a critical resource for modern event businesses.

We’re consolidating the entire events industry on one centralised platform – in the process creating greater transparency and promoting better quality event services, products, and venues.

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“This is a very important and guiding principle for us. Eventerprise has to add value – real value. We have nothing to do with damn directories – we hate them!” – Gotz Thumecke, Co-founder

2. TrustyTribe: The First Service-focused Platform Review System

n this digital age, understanding customer needs and preferences has become the most important business tool in any market. After conducting vigorous tests on all the leading review systems, and failing to find one that was cost-effective, user-friendly, and suitable for both service and product reviews, we’ve created our very own: TrustyTribe.

As a white label review system it plugs platforms and ecommerce sites into customer opinions, giving them the power to create better consumer experiences with improved products and services. The TrustyTribe plug-in is very simple to use, ideal for both product and service reviews, with unrivalled platform and SaaS compatibility. It’s the new, superior solution for managing, displaying and leveraging customer reviews. Any and all white-label instances of TrustyTribe and other Eventerprise products and services will be governed by best licensing practices and will be profit centers for the company from the outset.

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“Reviews are the driving force behind the Eventerprise platform, hence the implementation of advanced, scalable technology to ensure that we own this magic maker” – Birgit Thümecke, CEO | Co-founder

3. EventerProfile: A Cost-effective and Scalable Network Activation System

Eventerprise has established a unique market activation system by developing and outsourcing a cost-effective process for the creation and quality assurance of digitally optimized business profiles (EventerProfiles) for event suppliers. These custom profiles are the starting point for our sales and social engagement strategies, allowing us to up-sell from supplier profiles to other revenue sources, such as EventerAds and Adboosters.

An EventerProfile allows suppliers to showcase their products and services, so that anyone planning or involved with an event can search for, locate, and connect with event suppliers in one place, in the process creating network effects and adding incremental value for platform users.

The creation of EventerProfiles is our “magic sauce” and our differentiating factor in the market. This low-cost, rapidly scalable process produces supplier profiles of consistent quality, which play a significant role in our traffic, subscription, and requests for proposals growth metrics.

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“You’re in safe hands! Stay relevant by using our platform for your future growth. In return we ask for nothing.” – Charlie Wright, Co-founder

4. EventerScore: The First Digital Performance Tool for Event Suppliers

EventerScore is a first-of-its-kind tool that helps event professionals to measure the quality of their online presence against key metrics, such as SEO ranking, social media activity, and domain authority. By comparing their digital performance to benchmarks within specific event categories, event professionals can make the improvements that will grow their business. It forms part of the Eventerprise ecosystem that is has been designed to add unparallelled value to all its users.

The EventerScore service is a key component of our go-to market strategy, and slots in with our mission of consolidating the fragmented events industry by providing a yard-stick with which events professionals can better understand their digital footprint.

Discover more about EventerScore.

“The 4th industrial revolution is upon us – don’t believe what you can’t measure.” – Birgit Thümecke, CEO | Co-founder

5. Executive Rookie System: Scalable Execution Meets Agile Skills Development

We have developed the Executive Rookie System to accelerate the digital and entrepreneurial skills of students from top universities around the world, and simultaneously help us execute large tasks in a cost-effective manner. Our flat hierarchy allows rookies to work directly with our highly experienced executive team, which increases the speed of execution to the levels needed by early-stage companies.

While the empowering effect of the Executive Rookie System has been highlighted by many alumni of our well-regarded Young Gun internship program, it has also become a core principle of our operational model, allowing us to outsmart the global market by working with talented individuals from around the world.

In-depth engagement with the executive team, an emphasis on leadership development, and a fast, but effective onboarding process, help our Young Guns to make real contributions to the Eventerprise platform’s business goals.

Discover more about our Young Gun program.

“Eventerprise is the first global company which is powered by more than of 50% young-guns. Any questions?” – Gotz Thumecke, Co-founder

6. Hub & Spoke: Cost-effective and Scalable Global Talent and Services that deliver World-class Results

Eventerprise’s global hub-and-spoke model has helped us establish highly productive partnerships with leading service providers across multiple disciplines and locations, and has played a decisive role in the platform’s success to date. The global platform model is a perfect match for the Eventerprise ‘hub and spoke’ system allowing us to quickly scale, create multiple networks simultaneously, and access wide talent pools. With every new center we launch, we open the doors to a whole new network of potential employees, partners and, of course, customers.

Fast iteration and high productivity are promoted by using online project management, collaboration, and communication tools such as Basecamp, WhatsApp, and Slack that integrate seamlessly into mobile and other devices. This approach allows us to stay in touch across numerous time zones and regions while we are planning and executing our business strategy.

The hub-and-spoke model forms part of our pioneering transnational business management system, driving the cost-effective and easily scalable execution of our processes and projects, covering all aspects of the business, from development and sales to talent acquisition and customer success.

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“Eventerprise is a globally born company. Period.” – Charlie Wright, Co-founder

7. Ensure-Connect: a Customer Success Focus that Creates Growth through Network Effects

We built the Eventerprise marketplace to deliver better experiences for event industry participants, whether event suppliers or those looking to organise events.

Our omnichannel approach to customer success includes features such as transparent reviews, a secure messaging system, and verified profiles that help build trust. Our ensure-connect process guarantees fast, efficient interactions between event suppliers and their clients, while our use of the latest technology delivers 24/7 support during every step of the user journey.

Every community has standards, and ours is no different. We’ve created standards and guidelines to help keep our community safe and make sure that all Eventerprise users can connect with confidence, no matter where in the world they are situated. For us it is non-negotiable that all clients should be able to successfully connect with the right suppliers for their event.

Super-efficient communication is so vital to the Eventerprise experience that we have made significant investments over the past few months and plan more in the future to ensure only the highest-quality connections for all our users.

8. Affiliate500: An Innovative Market Expansion Approach

We have created an affiliate marketing program with unlimited scaling potential to complement our roll-out plan and further increase signups and premium subscriptions on our platform. The Affiliate500 payment model and incentive scheme have been designed to attract all potential affiliates as part of our world-class sales and marketing expansion plan.

“Scalability is our secret weapon behind this project’s success” – Birgit Thümecke, CEO | Co-founder

9. EventerAcademy: Global Onboarding and Skill Development for Instant Impact

EventerAcademy helps Eventerprise T.E.A.M members and partners gain detailed insight into the Eventerprise ecosystem as well as the platform economy and the greater SaaS market in a way that is easy to digest and navigate. Various presentations, videos, FAQs, and essential reading lists curated by the executive team promote industry and business insights that would otherwise require months of experience.

It also makes high-speed onboarding of new T.E.A.M. members possible and allows us to leapfrog the challenges of traditional, slow training processes. As part of our unique education system, which includes the Young Gun program, it combines traditional learning procedures with modern digital competencies to produce the tech pioneers and CEOs of the future.

For our marketing and sales affiliates around the world, we have created the Sales Data Room, enabling our affiliates to download and access sales and promotional collateral in the most efficient way.

“Education is a core element of Eventerprise’s success, and we pride ourselves on continuous, rapid and non-stop learning.” – Birgit Thümecke, CEO | Co-founder

10. Africa’s Got Digital Talent: Developing the Next Generation of Digital Entrepreneurs

e believe in the potential of young African students to participate in the global digital economy, which is why we provide sponsored internships to talented young Africans who don’t have the necessary resources, fostering their development through a blend of technology and innovative leadership. We have committed ourselves to expanding this opportunity to develop career-defining skills to more students from across the African continent in conjunction with corporate, public, and non-profit partners.

Discover more about our Africa’s Got Digital Talent initiative.

“Give back – so that they can bring it” – Gotz Thumecke, Co-founder

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