There are many milestones in an entrepreneurial business: your first business plan, your first office, that first employee and even your first investor. We passed all of those a fair while ago. In fact, since then, we’ve had a lot of other firsts: multiple investors, interns and MBAs getting their hands dirty with us, we’ve built our own mascot (Eventi) and we even did our first brand refresh, overhauling our logo CI and site UX in line with feedback from our loyal audience.

Though all of this we’ve been sharing our stories through our newsletters, our Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and even Twitter; and this is how we reached our most recent milestone – 10 000 followers! And this isn’t just for the business, it’s for Götz himself and the account is barely a year old.

This number may be small potatoes for someone with ‘Kardashian’ as their last name, or even for businesses like Tesla – but they’re already out there, in front, lit up like Xmas. It’s far less usual for start-ups and early stage companies to get even half of what we now have. In the words of our founder, Götz, “People no longer listen only to brands, people now listen more to people and want to know why they are doing what they are doing.”

Where did it start, and how did it get so big? On an early Monday morning Götz chats to me about why he first started his Twitter account. “I didn’t know what the Twitter zing was”, he says to me, “that’s the zing that ze young people use, but someone said I should join. They told me it would be a way to instantly connect with people from all around ze world. I thought why not? So I created my account”, he explains. And he learned quickly (Germans are like that).

For Götz, using Twitter was not about becoming ‘Twitter famous’. There are lots of names associated with Götz on Twitter, from “thought-leader” to “entrepreneur inspiration”, but for Gotz, it’s simple: Twitter is a platform used for engaging and connecting. It’s a space for a graduate to interact with a CEO. It’s a tool used to bring a voice and a personality to a brand. And it’s also the least creepy way to stalk Elon Musk.

And as the team at celebrates @GotzCEO hitting 10K followers, we don’t celebrate the fame but we celebrate the impact that Gotz’s social media voice has on people in the industry. Gotz’s Twitter is not the place where you’ll find rants about co-workers and updates about where he’s getting his coffee – it’s inspiration, global trend updates and constant engagement with everyone from fellow thought-leaders to investors in Silicon Valley.

So the next time you want start-up and entrepreneurial advice, just @ him!