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13 Outdoor Party Ideas You Should Try Out This Summer

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13 Outdoor Party Ideas You Should Try Out This Summer

By: Guest Author

Some of the best parties ever held were outdoor parties. But what makes outdoor parties such as big deal? Perhaps it’s the spaciousness for a large crowd at children’s parties and weddings, or maybe it’s the flexibility it provides for crazy summer party ideas.

Whatever the reasons are, open-air events usually create adequate room for just about anything. If you are thinking of going alfresco on your next event, then you are on the right path to a memorable celebration.

Outdoor party ideas are pretty extensive, and there are lots of concepts to pick from. The outdoors is neither selective of color nor lacks flavor.

There is so much that you can do for outdoor parties, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s explore a few helpful and unique ideas that can help spice things up.

Use colorful flowers such as roses, hibiscus, and others to create a natural and exotic look. Decorate chairs and tables with large flower bundles. The flowers could be real or synthetic but are sure to exude all shades of magnificence. Create mini-shaded areas and charming hangout spots using gazebos. One thing to note about gazebos is that they are classic yet trendy, and provide a level of sophistication for most parties, and are available in a variety of designs. Use a variety of chairs ranging from plastic to wooden and metal. Arrange these chairs in an alternating fashion or in batches of similar chair types. This will create or signify different clubs or different group sets depending on the kind of party you’re hosting. Use rustic décor to improve on the looks of the party. This form of decoration creates a vintage look. It is not only cost-effective but easy to organize. Choose a primary color theme and used it for all decorations. The color may resonate with the dress code to give a more uniform look to the party and its environment. For a more dynamic look, you can create a set of colors as the theme rather than using a single color. Rather than using regular seats for individuals, why not create a friendlier ambiance by using long wooden benches. These benches can be arranged parallel to the middle dining table. Wooden benches are easy to arrange and give the feel of a medieval feast. The best part about benches is they make it easy for attendees to find a seat. They can also leave their spot without the hassle or shoving through a crowd. Table cloths can be formal or informal. They not only provide an elegant platform for cutlery, dishes, and other table elements, but they also enhance the beauty and color of a table set-up. Fruit baskets and fruit dishes are particularly great for outdoor aesthetics. Fruit combinations such as bananas, red apples, red and green grapes, kiwifruit, watermelon, oranges, tangerines, and others create fantastic color combinations when placed together. Furniture types are essential to the party. Options for a party include wicker chairs, bar stools, dining chairs, wishbone chairs, rustic metal chairs, bean bags, and the list goes on. Fairy lights and string lights are great décor options recommended for after sunset. The lights are easy to set up and can be hung from one pillar to another or from one tree to another for spaces with vegetation and nice high trees. Inflatable pools are great to cool off during the summer heat and are ideal for children’s parties, birthdays, and college outdoor events. All you need to do is inflate and fill the pool, and you’ll create a fun distraction for your attendees. Lanterns are not Halloween décor alone. They blend in with many nighttime outdoor events and can create a grand entrance when arranged along a pathway. Thinking of an out-there activity for a children’s party? Try soap bubbles! Children love soap bubbles and will spend hours playing with them. One thing is for sure; you won’t need to clean up after them in the great outdoors. (Just be sure to use an environmentally friendly soap!)

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