With a population of over 660,000, Seattle is one of America’s greatest cities. Not only is it home to impressive businesses such as Microsoft and Amazon, it’s also home to some beautiful scenery, including mountain ranges and plenty of national parks.

Seattle has a perfect balance of glorious landscapes and a very relevant business scene, which makes it the ideal place to host a conference. So we’ve rounded up 5 of the best conference venues the city has to offer, perfect for SMEs like yours…

1. EM Event Center

EM Event Center


If you’re planning a smaller gathering that has a clean and intimate atmosphere, the EM Event Center is ideal. It’s got over 2,500 sq. ft. of space, plenty of natural lighting, a wide open floor plan and outdoor patio area, meaning you can get creative when it comes to planning your conference. This venue can fit up to 144 people and also comes equipped with a fully stocked kitchen, so your conference attendees won’t go thirsty or hungry!

2. Museum Of Pop Culture

Museum Of Pop Culture


Ever heard of the famous Seattle Space Needle? Well, the Museum of Pop Culture is set amid the backdrop of the Space Needle. This unique museum offers a very impressive conference venue, filled with creativity that you won’t find anywhere else. From conferences to intimate gatherings, the Museum of Pop Culture is perfect for all SMEs across the city.

3. 1927 Events

1927 Events


If you want a conference venue that embodies the history of the beautiful city of Seattle, 1927 Events is the choice for you. It was first built in the late 1920s and renovated in 2012. With its high ceilings and exposed brick and woodwork, this is a gorgeous venue with a timeless, authentic aesthetic. The venue has 3,000 sq. ft. of space, meaning it is spacious whilst being intimate at the same time. It’s also in a brilliant location, next to blocks of hotels, the Pike Place Market and the Great Seattle Wheel.

4. Floor 13

Floor 13


This conference venue is truly unique when it comes to its interior design and is perfect for SMEs who are looking to host smaller conferences. Floor 13 can fit up to 80 people and comes with a full sound system as well as a kitchen, meaning you can provide an endless supply of coffee! If you want your conference to be more sociable, entertaining and creative, Floor 13 is one of the best options in Seattle.

5. Mad Art Studio

Mad Art Studio


If you couldn’t guess from the venue name, let us explain – this is actually a large-scale artists’ workspace, which also acts as the perfect conference room. Featuring beautiful brickwork and dark metal pillars, the Mad Art Studio has an authentic aesthetic which will inspire and encourage your conference attendees. The venue is 3,800 sq. ft. and can accompany up to 275. One thing’s for sure – everyone who walks through the door to this Seattle venue will be impressed.

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