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5 Great Team Building Activities in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Corporate team building

What happens when you want to build a stronger, more connected corporate team? Simple – organise a team building activity!

Maybe you’ve appointed some new employees recently or you don’t know your colleagues as well as you should. A team building activity is a really effective way to create lasting bonds.

You could stick with a lunch out or team happy hours but in the San Francisco Bay Area you’ve got plenty of innovative team building activities to choose from. Here are some of our favourite fun and creative ways to get to know your staff and workmates better…

Mr. Treasure Hunt

Want to get your team out of the office and on an adventure? Mr. Treasure Hunt is a scavenger hunt with a focus on problem-solving and teamwork. With puzzles, clues and races around the city, it is sure to bring out the competitive spirit of your employees.

Not only is it a great way to bring the team together, it also allows you to escape the office and enjoy some fresh air. Companies that have done this activity before have said their colleagues still talk about how amazing it was.

Urban Putt

If you’re looking for a more unique team building activity in the San Francisco Bay Area, Urban Putt might be the best choice for you.

This is a new kind of miniature golf, specifically because you play indoors. There are 14 unique mini-golf courses to choose from and there’s a restaurant too. Play in teams or one-on-one. Whatever you choose, let the game begin! Plus, Thrillist did say it was “quite possibly the best thing to happen to the Mission …”

Food Truck Challenge

The Food Truck Challenge is a great way to get your team’s creative juices flowing. It’s a culinary competition where people are divided into groups and given the task of creating their very own fast-food truck.

Not only will you prepare gourmet foods, you’ll also decorate your own truck with your brand name and logo. Companies have said that what’s great about this is that it’s a realistic way of demonstrating how teamwork really does require strong communication skills.

Dining In The Dark

You could say that this is just a meal out with your team – but with a big twist. Dining in the Dark is a fun nighttime outing at a local restaurant. Your task? Working as a team to figure out what’s on the menu and overcome the challenge of eating in the dark. This is sure to be an activity your team will never forget.

Breakout IQ

If you want to find out whether your team is good at working under pressure, Breakout IQ is the challenge for you. You have to work through a sequence of puzzles to solve problems and you’ve only got an hour to save the show.

You’ll also get to learn some valuable lessons and there’s even the option of doing this exercise offsite or in your own office space. Teams from Google, Facebook and Twitter have all given this a go – why not you?

So, there you have it. Five great team building activities that are certain to inject energy into your employees and colleagues!

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