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5 important factors to consider for event venue selection

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event venue selection

The most important aspect of a successful event is event venue selection. It is usually the first step in the planning phase because everything from dècor decisions to travel arrangements depends on your choice of venue.

Here are 5 important factors to consider for event venue selection


It goes without saying that your budget is a big influencer in your venue decision. Compile a budget and allocate funds to venue hire, catering, entertainment, etc. Sometimes it’s better to choose a venue that is below your budget and spend a little more on things like dècor etc.

Number of guests

The amount of guests who will attend is important for your decision. A party with 40 guests requires a lot less than a wedding with 350 attendees. Compile a rough estimate of how many people will attend your event and choose a venue based on its maximum capacity.

Some event hosts assume that a few guests won’t attend and invite more people than the venue can accommodate. If all accept your invitation and arrive at the venue, you will risk the safety of your guests as venue capacities are based on fire and safety codes.

Type and location

Various types of events require different things from venues. For example, a meeting requires a boardroom with a suitable table and chairs; a party requires a bar, audio-visual equipment, etc. Make sure your venue can cater to these needs.

The location of your venue is also extremely important. If your attendees come from the same area, choose a venue that is in close proximity to all. If your event is a big, international conference, choose a venue close to an airport, for example. Also, make sure your venue has enough parking space available if your guests plan to arrive by car.


If you plan to serve meals at your event, make sure your venue has a fully equipped kitchen. Some venues even have their own kitchen, clean up, and bar crew. You need to confirm if these things are included in hiring cost of your venue because extras like staff will save you overall time and money by eliminating the need for third-party crews.


If you are expecting guests with small children, check the restrooms for diaper-changing stations. If you have invited elderly guests, consider finding a venue with ramps and minimal stairs. Also, make sure printed or projected content is typed or projected inappropriate fonts to ensure that it is clear and legible to all your guests.

There are many things to consider before you choose a venue for your event. However, if you take these points into consideration and use an events platform like Eventerprise.com, you’ll be one step closer to hosting a great event.

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