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5 reasons why your next conference should be in San Diego

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5 reasons why your next conference should be in San Diego

By: Holly Sutton

San Diego has always been known as a top destination for conventions. That was made obvious earlier this year, when Comic-Con International agreed to a new contract to keep the gathering in the city for another three years. But San Diego has also become a popular destination for corporate events.

From a beautiful coastline to glorious weather, there are plenty of reasons why your next conference should be in San Diego. Here are five of our favourite things about this brilliant city in the USA.

1. There’s Lots on Offer

Whether you’re looking for a scenic venue or luxurious surrounding, San Diego has a lot of options to impress your colleagues.

You could book a meeting on the flight deck of the largest serving aircraft carrier in U.S. Naval history, the U.S.S. Midway, or try out downtown’s ultimate green event space, The New Children’s Museum. You could even pick a rooftop venue with an ocean view or a cruise around San Diego bay. One thing is for sure – you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.

2. This City Has the Widest Appeal

In a survey by Meetings.com, based on the number of meetings booked through its online site, San Diego came out on top as the city with the widest appeal for small meetings. In total, Meetings.com recorded 3000 bookings for corporate event groups in San Diego last year, including companies as diverse as Fuzzbuster Films and the Faith Bible Church.

Surveys don’t lie – it seems when people book one conference in San Diego, they book time and time again.

3. It’s known as “The Birthplace of California”

If there’s one thing that keeps businesses coming back to San Diego, it’s the location. With 70 miles of coastline, an airport only three miles from downtown, and a walkable urban core, it’s the perfect location to host a corporate event.

It’s also the eighth-largest city in the USA and the second-largest in California, which means it’s a popular tourist destination too.

4. The city already hosts huge events

Like we mentioned earlier, Comic-Con is hosted in San Diego annually and has been since 2003. The Mayor of San Diego said in a recent article: “There’s no question that San Diegans understand how incredibly important Comic-Con is and not just Comic-Con, but all the conventions that impact our city’s bottom line. To have our flagship convention that has grown up with this city, you cannot take that success for granted.”

5. The climate is wonderful

A year-round pleasant climate is another big reason why San Diego is such a popular destination to host a conference. And what makes it so good?

San Diego gets 12 inches of rain per year. The US average is 39. Snowfall is 0 inches. The average city in the USA gets 26 inches of snow per year. On average, there are 266 sunny days per year in San Diego. Whenever you book a corporate event in San Diego, you’ll definitely be in with a high chance of getting wonderful weather!

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