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5 Tech Tools every Event Professional Should Master

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5 Tech Tools every Event Professional Should Master

By: Sarah Hill

Event planners need every advantage they can get.

With the industry becoming more competitive every year, you need to use all the tools that are available for making your job easier. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to stay ahead of the competition.

So, to help you out, here are a few of the most important tech tools that you should use to help you in every single event project that you take on.

Wireless Network Device

The WiFi network at venues or hotels can never be trusted – it could be working just fine one minute and then completely disappear the other.

That can cause significant inconveniences for the event planner that needs to be online at all times. Whether it’s sharing information with colleagues, posting on social media, or even streaming a live video in a conference, event professionals need to have a backup plan for when the local network isn’t up to par.

That’s where a 4G portable wireless hotspot can be so helpful – in case something goes wrong or you need to check the list of events for events planner quickly, just start it up and in a few seconds you’ll have a reliable connection that you can use anywhere you go.

Power Bank

Since event planners spend so much time on their phones and tablets, it’s essential to always have them charged, as an entire event could fall apart if you’re not able to communicate with your team and handle various details that require you to be online.

And since sitting next to a power outlet isn’t an option, having a compact yet powerful power bank is crucial – it can provide you with the flexibility to stay on the go and get your phone charged at the same time, ensuring that even if you forget to charge your device in advance, it won’t disrupt your day.

USB or External Hard Drive

Sharing information between devices is crucial, and sometimes the internet connection is too slow to handle bigger files like video or high-definition pictures.

That’s why having a USB stick or even an external hard drive at all times can come in handy – you can upload large amounts of data in just a few minutes and have it transferred to another device just as quickly.

Knowledge Sharing Tool

While physical tech tools are certainly important, software solutions can offer a range of benefits that just cannot be matched.

For instance, if you don’t want to spend hours upon hours training new team members, you can use a tool like Guru to set up a knowledge base which you can refer to or share with your team and have them quickly become up to speed with what you need them to learn.

Communication Tool

Event professionals know just how important it is to be able to communicate with your team quickly – whether you need to quickly update them on a change of plans during the event or simply share the list of events for event planners with your colleagues, having a convenient place to talk online is crucial.

And with tools like Slack or Glip, that becomes simpler than ever before – you can have your entire team in the same platform, sort the chats according to projects or responsibilities, and stay informed on any new developments.