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6 things to look out for when choosing an event planner

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Choosing and event planner

Choosing an event planner for your big event can be tricky because most of us don’t have enough insight into the event planning process to gauge if we are being taken for a ride by a bumbling service provider or hit the jackpot with a professional who knows what they are doing.

Don’t fall prey to lazy planners who could ruin an event you have been looking forward to. We have compiled a list of warning signs to look out for when you are choosing an event planner.

Looking for the easy route

Whether you want to throw a Sweet Sixteen or an Artificial Intelligence conference, your event planner needs to be aware of the goals that need to be achieved. If your event planner allows details to fall through the cracks it can have a catastrophic effect on your event. A lazy event planner will more than likely take shortcuts and you can’t be sure these shortcuts won’t be with your budget, using cheaper vendors or event tech.

A good event planner will do their homework, present you with options and give you a rough estimate of what certain parts of your event might cost. If your event planner is unable to give you the correct information about the event tech at your event you could end up with a poor WiFI connection or worse, no WiFI connection at all.

Know your planner’s score

Everything we do these days is online and it should be the same with event planners. Does your planner have a website, social media pages or a digital presence? These are all important factors to consider as you don’t want to work with someone who is clueless about the digital world. EventerScore allows you to test an event supplier’s commitment to their client by checking the quality of their digital user experience.

Planners who promise the moon and the stars but don’t deliver

Before planning an event it is likely that you will do a fair amount of research before approaching an event planner. However, some event planners may pull a disappearing act once you have signed on the dotted line so it is essential to make sure your event planner knows what you want from the start.

To avoid such a catastrophe when planning your event use the Eventerprise platform as a starting point. Eventerprise is a neutral third party industry platform that creates transparency within the events industry. Search for event planners, view their previous work, read their reviews and compare them to their competitors so you can make an informed decision.

When you have a personality clash

Unfortunately, it is childish to think that you’ll get on with everyone you meet or work with. You may have already met with your event planner and everything went well, but sometimes things are just not meant to be.

An event planner should contribute to your event and support your ideas and creativity, not hinder them. Planning an event is stressful enough and you don’t need a difficult planner who makes the process worse. Your event planner should fall in with your ideas and give you suggestions as the event is a reflection of your personality. Any event planner should show concern and respect for their client’s needs and deliver a high-quality experience.

Poor response time

In a time when technology rules our lives poor communication and response time is something that many of us find hard to understand. An event planner that doesn’t respond to your emails and texts messages may be one of the biggest red flags.

When you are in the midst of planning an event your event planner should respond to you within 12 hours. Your needs must be met and being ignored by your event planner is an added stress that you don’t need.

Being too pushy with vendors

Part of the beauty of hiring an event planner is that you have someone to assist you with the decision-making process. Your event planner should support you when deciding what caterers, venues, and products are best for your event.

Over the years event planners will build relationships with certain vendors, some who may be their friends. If you feel like your event planner is pushing their friend’s services on you, then you need to make a decision or stop dealing with your event planner.

Make sure your event goes off with a bang every time by using these simple, yet effective tips to ensure you never deal with an unreliable, lazy event planner again. The Eventerprise platform allows you to find, review and rate event suppliers, planners, and vendors when planning any event. With EventerQuote/RFP you can tell an event planner exactly what you want and host the perfect event.