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7 catering ideas that will put the cucumber sandwich to shame

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Catering ideas for the perfect event

There are many factors that play a role in hosting the perfect event and getting each one right is essential. However, when the food at your event isn’t up to scratch you will inevitably leave your guests feeling unsatisfied. Guests always remember the quality of the food from an event and you don’t want yours to leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Don’t play by the rules at your next event, give your guests something fun and interesting to talk about and taste with these ideas.

Food Stations

We all know that old saying, “variety is the spice of life” and we couldn’t agree more. Providing your guests with a variety of snack options to pick from at your event is a great way to keep everyone happy. Food stations are the solution to this dilemma as they provide a practical, yet interesting way of displaying different food options to your guests. A Pimms station, a sweet station or even taco station will keep your guests busy during your event.

Make your menu country specific

Instead of giving your guests the run of the mill meal options at your event, why not make it more specific? Pick a country with cuisine you enjoy and build your menu around it. This will give you the chance to be bold with what you serve while taking your guests on a culinary journey through the country you’ve chosen. This idea allows you to be as creative as you want with the way you display and serve your food. Take it one step further and serve your guests a drink that is native to the country you have chosen as a welcome drink.

Go Green

Over the past few years eating food that is organic and packaged in a way that is not harmful to our environment has become a hot topic, which is why this clever food idea is great if you want to impress your guests. Serve your food in and with organic, recycled or recyclable utensils and packaging to reiterate your go-green message. Your green catering option doesn’t have to be bland, boring or meat free – it’s all about lessening the imprint we leave behind us.

Cheese, charcuterie and bread bar

This is a traditional pairing that has worked for years and it will for many more – so why change it? This may not be the most unique addition to your event, but you can put your own spin on it and break the traditional mould. Don’t let your guests ask for anything extra – give them everything from unique cheeses, artisanal bread, delicious charcuterie to beautiful pates, jams, and olives. Lay your offerings out on a table or use a stacking stand to display everything in the best way possible.

Delicious mini meals

When attending an event there is nothing worse than being served food that requires you to sit down and eat when there is no option of sitting down. Don’t fall into this trap – get inventive with what you serve as anything can be served in a bitesize option. This will allow your guests to eat, walk around and enjoy your event. You can serve anything from mini burgers, mini cannelloni to something sophisticated like seared tuna on a bed of fresh vegetables.

A candlelit snack table

If your event is taking place in the evening and a portion of it is going to be hosted outside, why not take this as an opportunity to create an element of sophistication by using a variation of candelabras to decorate the area? It will create a warm, inviting atmosphere and encourage your guests to mingle. Display your food around the area with candles in between so your guests can see what they are eating. You can serve anything from cheese and charcuterie to finger foods as the setting will be beautiful.

Sharing platters

This is your chance to channel your inner Yotam Ottolenghi and create a beautiful feast for you and your guests to share, mezze platter style. Create a relaxed atmosphere for your guests where they can chat and share the delicious options you have provided. Mezze platters are great for this as you can include a variety of dishes for your guests to choose from. Your mezze platters can include meat and meat-free options so everyone can enjoy the spread. Serve anything from crumbed olives, lamb koftas to various dips and breads.

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