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9 cheesy wedding trends that you should avoid

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cheesy wedding trends

Corny couple hashtags and variations of the mason jar have flooded the wedding scene and wedding planners and guests alike are tired of it. It’s natural to get excited about planning your wedding and Pinterest can be used for inspiration, but don’t let it determine every factor of your day.

To prevent wedding regrets and unsightly photos we have compiled a list of cheesy wedding trends you should avoid at all costs, so pay close attention.

Cheesy Wedding Trends

1. The Photo Booth

Photo booths are a good idea in theory, but their time has come to an end and wedding planners everywhere are rejoicing their death. Guests enjoy taking funny pictures, but waiting for Susan to decide on the perfect prop for her tenth photo can be annoying. The line for the photo booth tends to be longer than the line for the bar and it can turn into a photo frenzy.

If having a photo station is something you want then try a portrait booth much like the ones used at proms – they are classier and there are no props involved.

2. Dance Entrances

We have Facebook and YouTube to thank for this trend and not in a good way. People tend to skip through the fails of the dance entrance and immediately think they can emulate Justin Timberlake-like moves, but this is not the case. Unless a bride and groom can actually dance, keep the choreographed dance moves to a minimum because awkward fist pumping is never fun to watch.

3. Signs

Signs at a wedding have become a popular trend and where some signs are helpful, others are completely unnecessary. Indicating at the food station which food is suitable for people with food allergies is acceptable, but a sign for the dance floor, “good times ahead” and the gift station can be excessive. Your guests are competent adults and they will be fine without the twenty signs you have placed everywhere.

4. Party Favours

It has become part of a tradition to send your guests home with a miniature expression of gratitude in the form of a party favour. Wedding planners hate them because they are the ones who have to put them together and at the end of the night inevitably throw them in the trash. Guests never remember to take them home with them so the money spent on these gifts could have been spent on better liquor or entertainment.

5. Country, Boho and Forest Weddings

A beautiful rustic setting that is matched with the right decor will create a complete look, but how easy is it to achieve? Pinterest has created an unrealistic expectation of this wedding trend and couples don’t realise how expensive it can get. You will need to hire generators, kitchen equipment, bathrooms and more to make sure your wedding is a success. Your guests are then expected to dress smartly only to walk through the dirt and sit on prickly hay bales. A faux pas that can be added to this trend is the combination of cowboy boots with formal attire, it doesn’t look good.

6. Naked Cakes

Queue Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers and you will understand just how important a wedding cake is, and not just for you. Naked cakes took the wedding scene by storm and we have to admit, they are beautiful, but there is a downside. They aren’t covered in frosting and because of this, they dry out easily when exposed to moisture in the air. What you may not realise is that your guests also miss the delicious frosting on your cake.

7. Themed Weddings

After the remake of the Great Gatsby, many couples decided to theme their wedding Great Gatsby style. Grooms thought they would look like Leonardo DiCaprio and women fell in love with the whimsical Carey Mulligan and her beautiful wardrobe. A themed wedding costs far more and it increases the chances of your day looking tacky. Guests need to go out and hire an outfit and this is an unnecessary task to ask of them. The key to planning a beautiful wedding is subtlety.

8. Bad Photos

We have all seen the photoshop craze of the bridal party being chased by a ravenous T-Rex or a gang of Star Troopers, it’s not cool. Don’t let a bad photographer, bad photoshopping or tired Pinterest ideas make you hide your wedding photos away from your grandkids. Hire a professional and don’t focus on getting the perfect pose, a professional will ensure that they capture all your most beautiful moments.

9. Complicated Seating Plans

The idea of simplicity is lost on millennials as they feel the need to over-complicate the simplest of tasks. Intertwined string seating plans and complex table photo setups will drive your guests and wedding planner insane. Keep it simple and make sure that your guests find their tables quickly.

Don’t step into the tired wedding-trend trap when you could have something completely unique and true to you and your partner’s style. When you hire a wedding professional, listen to them and trust them when they say that releasing one hundred white doves is not a good idea.