Africa’s Got Digital Talent: corporate social responsibility that changes lives

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We believe that companies are driven by both youth and diversity in the workplace

Our EventerCamp Young Gun and PostGrad interns, all under 30 years of age, make up half of our office team. However, as our EventerCamp programme is unpaid, we have noticed that many local African students are unable to participate. We want to make sure these barriers to entry do not prevent the best and the brightest from gaining experience and working with our company. At Eventerprise, our Young Guns don’t make coffee, they participate in real-world business strategies and work on go-to-market projects. Through a funding partnership with larger organisations and foundations, we hope to help these students complete our EventerCamp internship programme.

How does ADGT work, and where do you fit in?

Help us develop digital and entrepreneurial skills in Africa

Too many young people from Africa have digital talent but lack resources to complete an unpaid internship. With your support we can develop digital and entrepreneurial skills in Africa​.

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Khaya and Laylah: Proving that Africa’s got serious digital talent

Talented young Africans can develop career-defining digital skills through the Eventerprise EventerCamp Internship programme. Find out how you can support them.

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Help us develop the programme

If you are an African educational or non-profit institution, help us define the parameters of our programme.

Sponsor a student

Get in touch to help us develop talented young people with your financial support.

The opportunity

Eventerprise is an early-stage global platform with an operational hub in Cape Town, South Africa, which offers a well-regarded internship programme that provides career-defining digital skills.

Written by Eventerprise
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