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An update from the away-team at the Web Summit

Written by Charlie Wright · 1 min read >

An update from the away-team at the Web Summit

By: Charlie Wright

From the outset our strategy had been simple; exposure and intelligence gathering – any investor chatter treated as bonuses – with all the precautionary measures in place.

With all our prep, research and planning behind us, arriving in Dublin and on the steps of the Web Summit has certainly been a baptism of fire! Our own internal circuit boards rewired themselves as we quickly absorbed our new surrounds and realised what lay ahead. With 40 000 attendees from some smart, smart tech companies, this is the Mother Ship!

This was going to be straight ‘into the fire’ and outside all of our comfort zones. The ‘Touring Team’ consists of me, Götz, Birgit (Chief Customer Officer) and Anthony, (Dev Head) whilst the ‘Home Team’ comprised Grant, Seb, Kelly-Paige and Will. They provided all crucial coordination and constant live streaming on social media and their roles ensured we made the impact we wanted (see below for results). Armed to the teeth with branded chocolates, Web Summit business cards, a new video AND our stand-out kit (we look amazing) we were good to go.

The doors kicked open and immediately it was clear that the instruction manual needed an instant rewrite! Our practiced elevator pitches went in the blink of an eye as the tech- and propeller-heads descended. This was going to require 5 to 6 variations – toned up or down depending on language, geek, brain and interest. We needed to absorb previously unseen ‘Warp Speed Geek Dating’, pitch, listen, discard and at the same be vigilant of face/name recognition in a battlefield environment.

But, guess what? As with ALL hard work it paid off – we didn’t just break the ice, we smashed it into tiny pieces. We were agile and adaptable and achieved extraordinary results and still managed to include fun and laughter. What a team! Passionate and resolute.

Also, on day 3 of the Summit, we achieved Web Summit notoriety, when we made the top 10 most valuable Twitter accounts at the Summit!! What an achievement! Well done @GotzCEO!

Between all of this we found time to gather intelligence and listen to some very reassuring presentations by many of the tech community’s brightest icons, and I can report, with absolute conviction, that we’re doing everything right. Be passionate, persevere, entertain and tell your story with integrity. And the founder of Kickstarter, Yancey Strickler, said exactly that a few minutes ago.

And talk about synchronicity and being on the right path – Birgit and I sat in on a talk given by the Global Head of Social from O&M telling the ‘000’s seated before him about where social media was heading. Then, during his talk up popped a slide with a stock graphic of an auditorium of students, and positioned in very forefront of this slide was a young man texting from his phone. It could have been anyone on earth, but this person was none other than Grant – Eventerprise’s very own Social Media boffin from Cape Town! Synchronicity – I think so. Tech talking from the PAST to us LIVE!