And so it started…

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And so it started…

By: Guest Author

They say, “You’ll know when you know”. Actually, they say this about love: “Oh, I met him and I knew it from the beginning, he’s the one.”

I had this. Exactly this. Two weeks ago. Except, that it’s not a he, it’s a she.

Her name is and she’s the company I am working with as a Young Gun.

You know you picked the right work place when you get up at 6.30 am in the morning, it’s kind of dark outside but you’re super excited for the next hours to come. You can’t get the smile off your face during your morning run and you think about the TED talk on storytelling that you should watch for your first project while you’re showering at 7.30am. You walk the last metres of industrial Woodstock streets at 8.30am but all you can see is the amazing graffiti reflected in the sun that would look great in the next company video.

Oh, you know when you know.

In the hipster-vibe brick stone building a ‘Happy Days’ sign welcomes you when you walk in, with great coffee and fast Wi-Fi – Eventerprise delivers on their promises.

But none of this justifies why I chose Eventerprise. It’s like any relationship, a beautiful surface doesn’t always go particularly deep…

The most boring stories are the ones we can see the end before it’s even half-way through. The ones that really captivate us are the ones where we need to see where it’s all going, because we can’t right now. Of course, I cannot say what your story at Eventerprise is going to look like, but isn’t this part of the adventure? Let me just name a few points that might appeal to you if you ever consider Eventerprise: cold start; challenges; opportunities to prove yourself from minute one. Oh, and of course: Cape Town! I’m sure I don’t have to name these (but will anyway): beach vibes, palm trees, sunshine.

If you’re a workaholic like most of the team, Cape Town is unparalleled for clearing your head over the weekend and making you forget the tasks awaiting you in the upcoming week (thus preparing you for them). And I say this with an emphasis on the weekend. Because during the week, please be willing to work, despair, push harder, grow. If this reflects your attitude, I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with Eventerprise, too.

This is my story. So far.

It might be similar to yours, if mine can encourage you to open your mail account and apply as a Young Gun or to sign up at in order to show the world why you offer the most exciting event venue in town – we know how to tell your story.

Think you have what it takes to join the E-vibe? Apply here.