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Charlie founded Harlequin Marquees and Event Services in 1998, which became the Middle East’s leading turn key events business. Charlie took the business from inception through its exit with the Arena Group in 2008. The company subsequently IPO’ed on the London Stock Exchange in 2017.

Your Global Event Platform Road Show – Dubai

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An Eventerprise road show team is doing the rounds in Dubai, Los Angeles, and San Francisco this February and March to introduce Eventerprise to potential investors and cooperation partners. If event tech, SaaS, and digital platforms pique your interest, get in touch.

Eventerprise is charging into 2018 at full velocity

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If finishing 2017 at full pace wasn’t exciting enough, it meant getting out of 2018’s starting blocks even faster. January saw the relaunch of Eventerprise's Series A funding round, the creation of a new freelance sales opportunity, and we joined an inspiring global philanthropy initiative.

The Road to Series A Funding is Paved With Blood, Sweat, and Success

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Building a global SaaS platform is not for the faint-hearted. Eventerprise co-founder, Charlie Wright, shares some of the challenges and victories that the events platform faced on its way to a Silicon Valley-endorsed Series A funding round.

Why VCs can bring a lot more to charity and social impact projects than just money

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Venture capitalists have the opportunity to invest a lot more than just money when it comes to charities and social impact projects. The expertise and connections they possess are just as — if not more — valuable than their money.

An update from the away-team at the Web Summit

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From the outset our strategy had been simple; exposure and intelligence gathering – any investor chatter treated as bonuses – with all the precautionary measures in place. With all our prep, research [...]