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Balancing Revenue with Relevance

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Balancing Revenue with Relevance

By: Barry Blassoples

It’s been an interesting few weeks for digital media at Eventerprise. We’re currently in the process of testing a custom advertising solution that we developed in collaboration with DQ&A Media Group, which will allow us to offer more value to both event hosts and suppliers on our platform (as all advertising should, but rarely does).

While programmatic ad-serving technology enables precision at scale, as well as the ability to maximize yield on every impression, what we’re really after is the balance of revenue and relevance. In fact, if you pushed me to pick only one option, I’d go for relevance every time.

What does ‘relevance’ mean for us? It means giving event suppliers the ability to be discovered by event hosts in the moments that matter. While hosts are busy searching, finding and getting matched with the event suppliers they know they need, we’d like to give the specialists (our suppliers) that they didn’t know they needed the opportunity to connect and create memorable events with them as well.

Our job in all of this is really quite simple: to create a place for people to get the right help with their event, whether it’s a pirate themed birthday party or the biggest product launch of the year. Applying intelligent solutions (like our bespoke ad-serving code) gives us the opportunity to allow for smarter, better informed decisions.

Maybe you know exactly what you’re looking for. But (if you’re anything like I was when tasked with choosing the entertainment for my wedding, i.e. clueless) maybe the truth is that you simply don’t know what you don’t know.

On the flip side, as an event supplier, you’re often faced with sourcing new business which happens predominantly through referrals and, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, wouldn’t it be cool to get those referrals put in front of clients looking for a specialist exactly like you?

Advertising on the internet often gets a bad rap, and we all know why; irrelevant, intrusive and downright annoying ads get shoved in our faces and offer us zero value. The funny thing is, we don’t see this as a reason not to build advertising into our platform ­– in fact, we see it as an opportunity to create something better. Something that brings people together and delights rather than distracts.