Birgit Thümecke: Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer

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Eventerprise chief growth officer

Business Strategist, Experienced Entrepreneur, Customer Success Expert, and Accomplished Change Agent

Birgit is an experienced strategist and entrepreneur who drives innovation and growth through the power of analysis, creative thinking, and teamwork. As a career-long champion for customer success she has facilitated relationship-focused client management in multiple industries. Her ability to forge successful cooperation partnerships and build lucrative networks across complimentary industry segments stems in great part from her well-developed professional communication and corporate liaison skills. Throughout her career she has delivered exceptional commercial outcomes in multifaceted and challenging operating environments.

With more than 20 years of leadership experience in the technology and airline industries, within international, multicultural environments, she is considered a poised leader with pronounced HR skills, honed in multiple labour law jurisdictions. This includes her current role as co-founder of a bootstrapped tech start-up.

She consistently leads from the front when it comes to performance principles. Her wealth of experience, proven track record of strong, decisive leadership, and ability to both contextualize and relate has enabled her to connect people with purpose – a rare strength in high demand within transformation processes.

Birgit is adept at creating new strategies through collaboration, including the development and implementation of turnaround campaigns that capitalize on new operational models, innovative restructuring, and acquisitions. She leverages her pioneering vision to craft organizational development processes that control costs, increase performance, and optimize resources, thus supporting the company bottom line.

She has held lengthy tenures with British Airways as well as Lufthansa Aviation Group, where she headed complex operations such as Lufthansa’s customer service division, directing a 1,800 strong team spread across seven global locations. During her time in the airline industry she accomplished continuous operational progress by acquiring new businesses and diversifying service and product portfolios. She also led a comprehensive change exercise which transformed seven formerly dispersed units into one unified, award-winning ‘customer first’ network.

Birgit subsequently launched her own consulting firm, Epic Connect, where her insights and unique approach to aspects such as business relationship management have assisted leading businesses around the world develop further.

Inspired by the ‘digital revolution’ and its transformational impact, Birgit co-founded Eventerprise, a global digital platform for the events industry that facilitates connections between those who need to organize events (clients) and suppliers of event products, services, and venues.

As Chief Growth Officer Birgit plays a vital role in Eventerprise AG’s business strategy, underpinned by a penchant for superior execution, which she drives through the effective measurement of key performance indicators based on the organization-wide leveraging of technology and data analysis. Her international experience in launching new operations and leading projects to successful fruition is indispensable to the strategic scaling of the business and creating continuous value as reflected in low churn rates and recurring revenues.

She has played a key role in supporting Eventerprise’s global expansion as exemplified by her oversight of the successful completion of a rigorous due diligence process in conjunction with a US investment bank. She has also represented Eventerprise internationally on numerous occasions, pitching the platform’s investment and collaboration opportunities to leading entrepreneurs, angel investors, and syndicate investors in Silicon Valley.

Digital transformation (DT) affects all aspects of society. It enables innovation and provides new pathways for value creation and problem solving. Through DT the power has shifted back to the customers, forcing numerous brands to (re)act by putting the customer first in all that they do.

According to the 2018 Forrester Forecast Report : DT “is the critical response needed to meet customer expectations, deliver individualized experiences at scale, and operate at the speed of the market.”

I believe this definition offers a strategic foundation to executives as they prepare to meet new customer and employee demands.

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