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Birgit Thümecke On Female Leadership in the Digital World

Written by Birgit Thümecke · 1 min read >
Female Leadership in the Digital World

Birgit Thumecke, the Co-Founder and CEO at Eventerprise recently gave us her insights into Female leadership in the digital world. Birgit has extensive senior management experience with over 20 years in the airline industry, including time as Group Managing Director of Lufthansa’s Customer Service Network, where she looked after seven locations and 1,800 employees.

How does digitization shape your career?

As an inquisitive thinker with a passion for questioning the status quo, innovation, and creative problem-solving, the transformative power of digitization plays to my strengths. A career-long advocate for customer experience as a growth pathway, I have found much inspiration in the empowering effect of digitization. I also believe that digitization demands a new type of leadership that can bridge corporate wisdom with startup innovation, which is why I co-founded Eventerprise.

What makes you a digital female leader?

My 25+ years of international corporate leadership experience brings valuable perspectives on team & business development, as well as strategic decision making, to a digital-first environment. It has also enabled me to identify the right technology to further our business goals. My career-long commitment to customer success has found new inspiration in the empowering effect of digitization, while my ability to scout talent from multiple countries contributes to diversity and innovation.

What does leadership mean to you?

True leaders can make the hard decisions, set, and drive goals, don’t confuse management with leadership, and have the ability to grow successful teams. They understand that simplicity, inclusiveness, and transparency are key operating principles, and promote diversity as a core value, not as a window dressing exercise. I believe tasks need to be visible, measurable, and teachable via superior communication and coaching, while agile rapid decision-making will always win the day.

Description of the company, service or product is a global early-stage SaaS platform that connects event-related businesses with clients who want to organise an event. The platform helps those who need to organise events to search for, compare, and request quotes from transparently reviewed vendors. On the other side of the equation, the platform helps event vendors to promote their businesses via easy-to-understand, targeted digital marketing solutions that efficiently connects them with potential clients. Eventerprise is domiciled in Switzerland with two subsidiaries, one in South Africa and one in the US. We are a Swiss company with subsidiaries in the US and South Africa, further offices located in Singapore, Germany and India.

To date, Eventerprise is still 100% founder owned and has customer profiles from vendors across 93 countries through organic growth. Initially, the emphasis was on South Africa as a test market, then the UAE & UK, and right now on the US as our current growth market. Not only is this because the US has the world’s largest events market; Eventerprise also generates the most interest from Silicon Valley investors.

We are launching in Los Angeles to prove product-market-fit. As a result, I have spent and will continue to spend considerable time in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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