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Can strategic partnerships help secure the future of your business?

Written by Warwick Levey · 1 min read >

If you were to examine some of the most iconic partnerships in history, you’d notice a definite trend; a strong partnership is worth more than the sum of its parts. From Penn and Teller to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, there are countless examples of individuals with complementary skills, whose success has been dependant on their partnerships.

Almost all companies can benefit from entering into the right partnership. Depending on the vertical that a business is in, a strategic partnership could yield countless benefits like opening new geographic locations, accessing new markets, or strengthening the brand’s image with its existing customer base. According to 26% of business leaders, another significant advantage of entering into a partnership is getting access to new technologies and intellectual properties. Prime examples of this are the partnerships between Starbucks and Spotify, Apple and IBM, and most recently, SendGrid’s new partnership with Pipeline.

SendGrid will use Pipeline’s data driven solution to give us the insights we need to ensure an environment where there is true equity for all, across all employment dimensions. It gives us the tools to make data driven decisions that ensure and reinforce an equitable environment. – Business Wire

These days an important component of your brand’s image is its commitment to diversity in the workplace. Companies like Brandless, Verge Genomics, and Eventerprise are female-founded, so diversity is built into their DNA. Established companies like SendGrid, on the other hand, need help if they are serious about combating bias and working towards gender parity. Yes, they could establish in-house methodologies to drive their recruitment processes, but without the expertise, tools, and experience that Pipeline brings to the table, an in-house solution would most likely be more expensive and less effective. Moreover, considering the spotlight that the lack of diversity in tech is getting, it is more important than ever before for SendGrid to deliver on their promise of diversity.

Of course, true partnerships require quid pro quo, so what is Pipeline getting out of the deal?

In addition to testing, informing and supporting Pipeline’s platform as a beta customer, SendGrid is helping Pipeline to validate and apply artificial intelligence (AI) functionality This data will improve SendGrid and other businesses committed to gender equity as they are able to operate in an intelligent, bias-free manner.

In a nutshell, Pipeline needs the partnership with SendGrid to test their platform and AI functionality before they can reach a point of exponential growth. SendGrid needs Pipeline to achieve their goals of bias-free hiring. Each of these companies is strong in their own right, but by entering into a strategic partnership, both have taken a big step towards securing their futures.

Do you want to partner with, or invest in, a SaaS platform committed to gender parity and destined to dominate the global events industry? Check out our investor and cooperation partner pages.