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If Content is King and Creativity is Queen, What is Venue Choice?

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If Content is King and Creativity is Queen, What is Venue Choice?

By: Myles Carey

There was a time, not so long ago, where venue and destination choice used to rule the roost. Times were different, very few events were transient, and space was at a premium. The most important thing to do at your event was to announce the date of your next event.

It may seem strange for a venue group to be saying, but we’re glad that things have changed. New age event organizers believe in the importance of content. They tell us content is king and that creativity its queen. They believe that if they get that bit right, delegates will travel to Timbuctoo for an event.

They’re right of course. At Lime Venue Portfolio we have long been advocates of ‘better’ meetings. Our brand believes in events and wants to use them to create memories, inspiration, and impact. All too often an event is a series of speakers thrown together at the last minute, and delegates return either by duress or habit. It’s good that this has changed.

It’s also good for those in the unusual venue market. The more event professionals consider every aspect of the experience they are creating, the more likely they will look at a different style of venue; and that’s where Lime Venue Portfolio comes into play. For most of our customers, content is built around a message. They have a clear idea of the message and they curate a line-up of speaker content that will engage their audience.

Once content has been thought through, the venue comes into play. A unique venue underlines the message of the conference like no other. Venues can underline heritage, sporting prowess, teamwork, health, fitness, aspiration and innovation.

It’s wrong to say that no one looked at events like this in the “bad old days”. There were, of course, some forward-thinking mavens out there, but they were in the minority. They were the ones who first started tapping into the UK’s rich and almost limitless choice of historical, cultural, sporting or leisure venue options.

But what has also changed is the growth, establishment and professionalisation of the unique and unusual venue market. It’s because of this that more and more event organisers see unique and unusual venues as an ‘easy’ option.

Venue choice isn’t as important as content, and maybe it isn’t as important as the message. But the venue can be the message; and if not, it can certainly enforce it. So, here’s to those early trendsetters, who understand where the value in the events industry is, and are able to sell it. Well played to them for supporting more interesting venues and encouraging the unique and unusual venues market to rise to one of the most respected, reliable and relevant venue sectors around right now.

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