The Digital Journal, a news site covering an array of topics from technology to businesses and entertainment, recently published a piece entitled “Cracking the leadership code that drives innovation through diversity and inclusion”.

The piece talks about super powers and energy sources can leaders draw can upon to turn team members into followers.

“Leadership has nothing to do with hierarchy or seniority, titles, degrees or gender. Leadership cannot be acquired at schools or universities – it is a way of being.” – Birgit L. Thumecke, CEO & Co-founder of 

Have the courage of your own convictions

Those who want to achieve goals and take responsibility need the support of others. Good leaders inspire through convincing strategies and by immersing themselves in the world of others and convincing them from their own perspective. While doing so, leaders must always remain cognizant that opposing and subjective views will collide. As a result, everyone will try and convince others to change according to their own goals. The big “but” is the most effective persuasion usually only takes place in the reality of the person being persuaded. This is why leaders must develop in ways that help immerse them into the world’s of others and argue from their perspective.

Be aware that our experiences shape the way we view leadership

Leadership means different things to different people. It has to do with our own inherent belief systems, our encounters with whom we experienced as leaders in the early stages of our lives and which has therefore shaped our points of view today…

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