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Eventerprise releases the first digital performance tool for event professionals

Written by Birgit Thümecke · 2 min read >

Eventerprise releases the first digital performance tool for event professionals

By: Birgit Thümecke


Global events platform, Eventerprise, releases the first digital performance tool for event professionals.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – 14 March, 2017 – Eventerprise, the global platform that connects event suppliers or vendors with potential clients, today launched the beta version of EventerScore, the world’s first digital performance tool for event-related businesses.

This follows in the footsteps of the Swiss registered tech company’s ongoing rollout of complimentary online profiles for thousands of UK and UAE businesses this year, with US expansion planned for Q3 2017. A concurrent open-door policy allows event businesses from around the world to sign up for free on the platform.

“We follow a ‘love all, serve all’ approach,” said Götz Thümecke, Eventerprise CEO and co-founder. “That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to develop a solution that enables any event supplier to measure every aspect of their total digital presence – on and off the Eventerprise platform. Our insights into the events industry ensures that the EventerScore digital performance solution is specifically geared towards event suppliers and vendors.”

His comments can be seen against the backdrop of a $560 billion industry that is still very fragmented and in many cases digitally averse. The rapid rise of the social sharing economy in general, and the migration of event clients to online solutions specifically, has created a real need for event professionals to be able to gauge the effectiveness of their online presence and activities.

EventerScore can be accessed by event suppliers in two ways: via an automatically updated dashboard widget that is linked to their Eventerprise profile, or by simply entering their website address (URL) into a field on

Results are simplified by using gamified tier levels that range from ‘Rising Star’ to ‘Grand Champion’ and are accompanied by concrete tips for improving areas like SEO and website performance.

Fellow Eventerprise co-founder Charlie Wright was at pains to point out that the intention of EventerScore was not to measure the quality of event business’s products or services, “As a transparent, impartial platform our goal is simply to help event businesses create a more productive digital presence. The prohibitive cost of digital consultants and the complex nature of digital visibility was the driving force behind our initiative.”

Wright had a further observation to add, “We live in an era where it has become inconceivable for an events business that respects its clients to ignore the quality of its digital presence. That’s why we have invested heavily in providing free online profiles and tools like EventerScore, in an effort to democratize the industry and level the playing field.”

Of course, this also means that nothing prevents a prospective client from punching in the web address of an event supplier they consider using and finding out if the supplier has made any effort to make life easier for its clients by investing in an accessible user-friendly online presence.

Eventerprise’s stated mission is to create the world’s most trusted events platform dedicated to connecting event hosts with the right event service, planner, product, or venue. The addition of a freely available tool like EventerScore looks like real commitment to that mission.

For early access to the beta version of EventerScore sign up at


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