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Traction philosophy is key to platform media planning and budget optimisation

Written by Barry Blassoples · 1 min read >

Take the budget you’d like to have and slash it by 60%, take channels you’d like the use and pick only two, then set only one performance KPI, preferably the most difficult one to measure accurately, and you’re on track to run a digital market activation campaign as if you’re an early stage tech company.

Traditionally, any good programmatic media buyer will tell you to plan your campaign based on a combination of hard and soft objectives, giving you an idea of how to reach the right audience and a map of how to execute within your given budget. All of which becomes secondary the moment you’ve collected enough data on which to base your campaign optimisation decisions. This is where the “data-driven, actionable insights” mantra lives.

For an early stage tech company that chooses to walk fearlessly where most dare to take only a few tentative steps, the ‘why, where, what and how’ questions need to be answered with little to no data. However, like with much of what we do at Eventerprise, there is logic to our lunacy. Before attempting to flesh out too much of the detail, we ask one question.

“Will this give us traction?”

The traction philosophy dictates that we will only do that which yields big results, fast. Collectively our ferocious appetite for digital marketing knowledge and quickfire information sharing means that we know that certain acquisition channels deliver lower CACs (customer-acquisition-costs) than others, we know that particular CTAs (call-to-actions) deliver far higher CTRs (click-through-rates) than most and we know that spending the entire quarterly marketing budget in one month trying to do things the way Fortune 500 companies do them would end our market activation faster than a Usain Bolt photoshoot.

Empowered by this knowledge, our technology and a commitment to apply traction philosophy to every aspect of our business, we choose to make purely entrepreneurial plays and execute our campaigns only on the channels we know will yield better results than others. We choose to apply the bulk of our ad spend to growth driving, activation goals and we are committed to building for success through massive action!

Writer and poet, Alexander Pope once observed that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. While we’re certainly no fools, we’re definitely not angels either.