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Eight Reasons Why Event Planners Love Their Career

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Why Event Planners Love Their Career

We’re all in events; some of us hate organizing them, and others love planning them. Some people in the latter group love planning events so much that they pursue it as a full-time career. Everyone who becomes an event planner does so for different reasons, but what is it about the industry that they love? We look at Why Event Planners Love Their Career.

Being an event planner is not an easy job. Even the most simple of events can take days or even weeks to arrange. If you ask any event planner about their job, they’ll tell you horror stories about staying up all night the day before an event, or how something went wrong at the last minute and they had to improvise a fix to save the day. It is a competitive industry that requires event planners to be at the top of their game in order to secure new contracts.

While there is a laundry list of reasons why being an event planner is a challenging career, there is also a myriad of reasons why, to some people, it’s the best job on the planet. So, what is the truth about why event planners love their career?

We did some digging and found these eight truths about why event planners love their job.

Why Event Planners Love Their Career

1) Creativity

“From developing a unique theme for a party to coming up with an affordable decorating solution that meets a small budget, creativity is essential when planning an event”. – The Balance

One of the things event planners love the most about the career is the opportunity to express their creativity. True creativity does not stem from unlimited resources; instead, it is the byproduct of necessity. An event planner may not be able to plan their client’s dream wedding in Hawaii, but they might be able to organize a Luau while staying on budget. Creative event planners thrive on finding solutions that will satisfy the whim of their clients.

2) Variety

“Nothing ever stays the same. Every event is different, and re-inventing the wheel is part of our fantastic journey as event organizers. “That’s how we always did it” is a sentence that you won’t hear from great event guys.” – Michael Heipel

For most people, there is little to no variety in their day-to-day working life. Every day they go to work and do the same thing as the day before. Event planners don’t have the luxury of set structures and working days. They need to be agile thinkers, who can pivot direction with no notice since every client an event planner meets will want a unique experience. Most events will not take place in the same venue, the entertainment and food will differ, as will hundreds of other small details. While an event can be planned from a template, the small additions and alterations that each event will have will ensure that no day is the same as the one before.

3) People

“Events involve setting, entertainment, food, drink and decor, but events are ABOUT people.” – Picatic

The events industry would be nothing without people. While an event planner’s job has some logistic considerations to take into account, their primary role is to make people happy. Pleasing guests at an event is about more than ticking items off from a list. Some people are not great at articulating what they want, so an event planner needs to be able to read between the lines to determine what their client means. “It’s not about what the customer says; it’s about what they mean.” They also need to have a good understanding of what makes people happy, so that they can plan an event that will appeal to all in attendance.

4) Results

“There is no greater feeling that watching the results of several days, weeks or even months worth of hard work and effort. You get a fantastic AAA view of the events you are planning and even though you are working behind the scenes you can take a moment to soak up the atmosphere.” [sic] – Event Management Blog

Any event planner worth their salt will be driven by results. Turning a drab room into a magical palace for a children’s party or having a multi-day event go off without a hitch is like fuel to the event planner.

Many jobs require repetitive, unending work. Once a bookkeeper finishes balancing the ledgers of one book, they start with another one. In corporations, results are seldom dependent on one person. For event planners, every day on the job is different and is entirely results driven.

5) Travel

“The great part about being so connected is that this leaves many event planners with the ability to work from any destination or at any time. The flexibility of travel and not being chained to a desk all day is a huge perk that we get to enjoy in the event industry.” – Kelli White

Most event planners do not get to sit at a desk all day. They need to meet with clients, vet venues, and occasionally they need to fly to different cities. The life of an event planner is similar to the life of a travelling salesperson. For some people, the lack of a routine can be the cause of stress, but for an event planner, this lack of structure fires them up and motivates them more.

6) Wish Fulfilment

“Whether it is a high-concept fashion show, a folk music festival, a fairy-tale wedding or a 60th anniversary party, you will never tire of the satisfaction you will get from watching a planned event unfold, and seeing the delight on your client’s faces.” – Open Colleges

Not many people get the opportunity to make someone else’s dream come true, fewer still get to make wish fulfilment a career. People host events for a variety of reasons, and for many people, they dream about the event months or years in advance. Whether it’s dreaming about a wedding or product launch, the event itself can have a significant amount of sentimental value attached to it. A good event planner will get a rush like no other if they pull off a perfect event and make their client’s dream a reality.

7) Recognition

“Although your job is to work behind the scenes, gaining recognition not only means increased demand for your services, but also affords you the opportunity to meet and network with industry leaders and organizational heads, which is a crucial aspect of professional career development.” – Chron

It’s always nice to be recognized for a job well done. For an event planner, this recognition has an added layer; every successful event increases the profile of the event planner, making them more desirable to future clients. Event planners at the top of their game can become pseudo-celebrities – the kind of people famous people call when they need an event planned. This constant flow of recognition is however a double-edged sword; while each event can slowly build a profile, one bad event can ruin a reputation. While this risk/reward career path might terrify ordinary folk, event planners actively seek it out.

8) Unity

“Events are critical for communities to succeed. They create a sense of belonging, a bonding experience, and give communities an excuse to have fun with like-minded people.” – Mobilize

Events have the power to bring together like-minded people and reinforce a sense of community. Sporting events and music festivals, for example, bring together people from all walks of life, in a shared sense of community. Many people at work struggle to unite their individual teams, whereas event planners bring together entire communities.

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