Eventercamp: digital and entrepreneurial skills for the 21st century

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is in full swing, and the world is changing at the speed of light, with new careers replacing old ones at an ever-increasing rate. Do you have the skills and knowledge to negotiate this brave new digital world?

What are your options?

Seminars and bridging courses are expensive, often offering outdated information and no real-world practical experience. Even traditional internship programmes don’t offer the fully immersive experience that novice job seekers require to be successful in their fledgling careers.

Welcome to Eventerprise: the Global Events Platform

A better way to future-proof your career

Eventerprise has developed EventerCamp – a full-stack digital boot camp that bridges the gap between formal education, or past work experience, and the expectations of a rapidly changing labour market. Whether you are a student who needs to do an internship as part of your tertiary qualification, or a professional who would like to upskill or make a career change, EventerCamp will introduce you to the latest entrepreneurial strategies, give you comprehensive insight into the digital economy, and help you develop up-to-date digital, analytical, and project management skills. Learn about our fast-forward culture

Who can benefit from EventerCamp?


Students who need to/would like to do an internship in a trailblazing digital environment that gives them exposure to the latest business development methodology.

Recent graduates

Recent graduates who would like to gain real-world experience across various modern business disciplines, such as demand generation, revenue operations, programmatic advertising, marketing automation, content marketing, influencer marketing, stakeholder engagement and many more.

Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students who would like to hone their specialist knowledge into marketable skills by participating in high-level go-to-market projects within the digital platform and SaaS spheres.

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