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Eventerprise AG establishes an Agile Operations Hub in Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Town, South Africa’s Mother City has always teemed with a vibrant set of cultures. As of July 2015, Eventerprise has decided to join the mix by basing an agile operations hub in Africa’s southernmost metropolis.

Eventerprise based its operations hub in Cape Town for reasons not unlike how the city initially got its name, when it was established as a halfway point for trade between Europe and Asia. It also situates the operational hub neatly between North American and Asian time zones. As CEO and co-founder Götz articulated, we “connect people with event suppliers and planners across the world.” We’re connectors: between event hosts and suppliers— and in the grander scheme, between geographical locations around the world.

Since Cape Town broadly shares the same time zone with most European countries it affords Eventerprise fairly painless communication with the European continent. Besides its time zone advantages, Cape Town has also evolved into an up-and-coming tech hub, with well-deserved nicknames like Silicon Cape and R&D Laboratory. This has lead to the growth of talent across multiple disciplines, which Eventerprise can cultivate without the high costs associated with other tech hubs around the world.

Eventerprise’s decision to expand its footprint with an operational hub in Cape Town is inline with both the tremendous growth the city is going through, and a growing number of international companies that have positioned their operational hubs here. Another reason why the Eventerprise team is looking forward to building a world-class platform from their sparkly new operations hub.

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