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Eventerprise Case Study: TGP

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The supplier

Since 1995, TGP – then known by our full name “Top Gear Promotions” – has grown from an ambitious startup into the region’s leading design and production company

The challenge

TGP doesn’t have an active marketing plan or marketing manager, which has put pressure on them to get their service offerings in front of the right audience.

Supplier Q&A with Sadaf Farsar from TGP

“Our work represents our determination and standards. We hand pick every member of our team, experts in their field, who understand the markets they operate in and thrive on delivering excellence.”

The TGP story

TGP was started in 1995 as one of the first exhibition contractors in the region and have since grown to be leaders in the industry. They focus on design and production, exhibitions, interiors, graphics, and audiovisual. TGP provides its clients with turnkey solutions for all their exhibition and design needs. TGP works with a broad selection of clients ranging from commerce and government to retail. Their flexible work ethos means that they provide world-class service, regardless of the scope of the event.TGP has worked with some biggest names in the industry; from Ford and FedEx to Qatar and Unilever. TGP has not limited themselves to working with clients in the region and has subsequently worked with international clients. The team consists of people who share the same passion, drive, and vision to providing their clients with the perfect solutions to their event needs.

The solution

TGP has been working to expand its social media presence so potential clients can see their offerings. A profile on the Eventerprise platform will compliment TGP’s existing social media campaigns and increase the likelihood of potential clients connecting with them. Displaying their valuable client feedback on a neutral industry-specific platform will attract more clients who can compare TGP against their competitors.

Case Study TGP Eventerprise

Written by Eventerprise
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