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Eventerprise, the early years: from beta launch to version 2.0

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Eventerprise, the early years: from beta launch to version 2.0

By: Guest Author

Eventerprise zipped through various milestones during its first few years. Here’s a quick rundown of our journey from beta to version 2.0 of the platform.

After Eventerprise’s founding in 2013, when co-founders Charlie and Götz came up with the idea of levelling the playing field for the events industry, they immediately recognized the amount of effort that would be required to transform their brilliant notion into a reality. Without hesitation, they dived headlong into tackling the challenges – some foreseeable, others less precedented – in steadfast pursuit of their shared vision. This journey was just about to undergo an exponential boom in both team size, as well as the number of people and service, planner, product or venue involved.

In March 2014 Eventerprise launched its beta version to the South African test market. To make this happen the platform was populated with profiles of services, planners, products and venues created by the in-house team. Despite being a speck in the expanse of the global events market, South Africa’s diverse event verticals makes it a relatively sophisticated market, and thus ideal for test purposes.

Within 3 months of the beta launch, Eventerprise 1.0 was released in June 2014, and trademarks and domain names were secured. Version 2.0 followed suit in January 2015 with further refinements.

Hard work and great chemistry between the co-founders have helped Eventerprise to unlock these milestones. The momentum has spread to the rest of the Eventerprise team, and is not about to expire anytime soon. As Charlie likes to say, “We are after the bigger picture – we want to establish the gold standard in events.”

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