International news and opinion site, HuffPost, has mentioned the CEO of, Gotz Thumeke, in an article centered around entrepreneurship. In the article, a group of successful entrepreneurs share their opinions and advice on entrepreneurial leadership.

Below is a breakdown of the main points of the article as well as the details of Gotz Thumeke’s opinion on entrepreneurial leadership.

1) Know your stuff (we mean sales and marketing)

2) It isn’t easy

3) All the responsibility falls on you

4) Responsibility reaps reward

5) Selling your product isn’t easy

6) Neither is selling your vision

7) Passion is paramount

8) It can be lonely

9) Don’t do it alone

10) Be flexible

“The danger is best laid plans. If you refuse to budge from them, you will not survive this game. You, and your idea, need to be flexible and adaptable. Your life will change. Your business plan will change. You will change. Always think BEYOND what you believe is the goal—because when you get there, you’ll find it’s different to what you pictured.”

11) Trust yourself before others

“Friends, family, and people around you won’t understand—ignore these sentiments, stay on the path. Take advice carefully, only from people who have earned the respect to give it to you.”

12) Cost does not equal value

13) You need time and money… and a lot of it

14) Hard work will pay off

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