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Eventerprise Launches EventerQuote/RFP

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Eventerprise Launches EventerQuote/RFP

By: Birgit Thümecke


Zurich, Switzerland, May 24 2017 – Eventerprise, the global events platform, today launches EventerQuote/RFP – an automated request for proposals (or quotes) system for events. EventerQuote/RFP makes the procurement of event services, products or venues quicker and easier for anyone wishing to plan an event, whether it is a wedding, a corporate conference, a private party or an exhibition.

Simply fill in the EventerQuote/RFP proposal form with the details of your desired event (the products and services required, as well as the available budget), and you will quickly receive quotes and proposals from rated and reviewed event suppliers. This not only saves time, but reduces risk by making feedback from previous clients a prominent feature on their Eventerprise profiles.

“Event planning would be less stressful and time-consuming if hosts didn’t have to wade through a mountain of unverified information first”, said Eventerprise Co-Founder, Charlie Wright. “EventerQuote/RFP provides the perfect solution and eliminates this hassle with a system that enables people to find, compare and connect with multiple event suppliers by submitting one simple online form”.

The events market is huge, valued at an estimated $565B just in terms of conferences, exhibitions, music festivals and corporate events worldwide. This means there is a plethora of events suppliers in competition with one another, but selecting from such a vast array of suppliers can be difficult for individuals, particularly if they are not familiar with the sector. Sourcing, contacting and securing proposals with each supplier is time consuming and often means individuals do not pick the best supplier for their event. EventerQuote/RFP solves this with one simple online form.

Transparent pricing and ratings are currently hard to find in the event market space. There is nothing like TripAdvisor where you can trust ratings, reviews, and pricing, so often choice comes down to word of mouth rather than real data such as price or quality of service. There is also no way to solicit tailored proposals from so many suppliers at once. EventerQuote/RFP fills this gap in the market nicely, quickly matching the most suitable suppliers with clients to streamline the event planning process.

“We want people to have better events” added Wright. “You shouldn’t have to choose between 22,000 event managers in New York, for example. Each event is different and we believe that it should be easier for you find the right vendors or suppliers for your event.”


Eventerprise is a global platform that connects event service, product, and venue providers (event suppliers) with potential clients around the world. Through interactive profiles, event suppliers can showcase their unique offerings, key strengths and reviews, allowing event hosts to send requests to potential suppliers across different categories and geographical locations. EventerQuote/RFP is Eventerprise’s latest initiative to innovate the events sector and provides a faster, more efficient way for clients to source event suppliers.


To learn more about this launch please contact

Charlie Wright, Co-Founder

+27 76 022 4476