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Eventerprise Mission Statement

Written by Birgit Thümecke · 3 min read >

A tech company on a mission to connect the world of events. We do this by ensuring technology is accessible, inclusive and affordable across an underserved market. Eventerprise makes it easier to create memorable experiences by helping everyone find the best vendors, venues and event professionals, all on one platform.


It is time-consuming, risky, and difficult to find event professionals who can deliver on their promises

Fragmented information sources

Difficult to navigate online search results

No industry benchmarks

Complicated quotation processes

Unverified promises by event pros

Information overload


One dedicated platform with features that ensure fast, efficient, and secure selection of event professionals.

One centralised platform

Pinpoint search results

Easy comparison of event pros

Transparent review system

Location & category relevant

No transaction fees / zero commission


Born in Switzerland, Eventerprise is driven by 10 full time members of staff across hubs in Cape Town, Ahmadabad, Munich, and San Francisco.

In addition, our successful talent incubation philosophy is to combine highly experienced leaders with talented undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to learn fast, wide, and deep – and help create a world class digital platform at the same time.

We collaborate with leading universities and academic institutions around the world in a continuous bid to improve our company’s talent strategy, culture and performance. By thinking about talent management in a more creative and holistic way we are able to move beyond mere headcounts and budgets.


The global event industry is incredibly fragmented, with over 33 million search results just for the term “event manager”. All these event businesses are competing for attention in an unregulated space, making it very hard to effectively reach their target online audience. According to Gartner Inc, the world’s foremost technology research and advisory firm, the platform revolution is one of the three biggest trends disrupting digital businesses today.

SaaS revenue is expected to grow at more than 20% per year to 45% of the software market by 2021.

58% of all display advertising spent on programmatic ads in 2017

$4.3 trillion – the current value of the global platform economy


Event Technology growth – Vista Equity Partners buys Cvent for $1.65 billion

Event Management Software Market – to grow to $10.57 billion by 2023

Event Technology, ‘Hot’ property with Eventbrite’s $Billion IPO

Eventbrite acquired Ticketfly (ticketing) for $200M in Jun 2017

Dedicated wedding platforms the Knot and WeddingWire in $Billion merger

Eventerprise is the only dedicated platform that offers reviewed-based comparisons across all types and categories of event professionals/products/services/venues, from planner to plumber.


What we do for Event Professionals

A powerful digital presence that helps them reach a targeted audience in a more effective and affordable way, and allows them to build trust through transparent reviews and independent benchmarks.

Dedicated events platform ensures quality traffic

Affordable, easy-to-understand digital advertising solutions

Transparent client review system that builds trust

Quality benchmarks via Recommended Vendor status

New clients via category/keyword/location search and auto-directed RFPs

Access to digital performance data

Customer Success – we are obsessed with creating a seamless user experience. Our ensure-connect process guarantees fast, efficient interactions between event suppliers and clients, while our use of the latest technology delivers 24/7 support during every step of the user journey.

“The platform business model is massive. I worked in tech for 40 years … I’ve never seen it move this fast … this thing is on steroids. And it’s moving very very quickly.”

-Sam Palmisano (Past President and CEO, IBM)


Oct 2013 – Two guys and a gal, Charlie and Götz and Birgit, come up with the idea to connect the world of events

Mar 2014 – The idea becomes reality with the Beta launch in South Africa

Jun 2014 – Within six months, Eventerprise 1.0 launched

Jan 2015 – And six months later hard work pays off – Eventerprise 1.0 becomes v2.0

Mar 2015 –The holding company, Eventerprise AG is registered in Zurich, Switzerland

Jun 2015 – An agile operations hub is launched in Cape Town, South Africa

Sep 2015 – With foundations in place, seed funding is invited

Nov 2015 – Eventerprise welcomes its first investor

Dec 2015 – The quest for the best search experience begins with

Jan 2016 – Our first MBA programme kicks off with 15 candidates from the University of Illinois

Feb 2016 – Eventi, our brand mascot is unveiled

Feb 2016 – Eventerprise 3.0 is released with a new logo to boot

Apr 2016 – The South African test market surpasses 7000 suppliers

May 2016 – Eventerprise includes 25 integrated technology solutions

Sep 2016 – Eventerprise 4.0 goes live

Jan 2017 – International roll-out commences with the activation of 20,000 supplier profiles in the UK and UAE

Mar 2017 – Beta version of EventerScore is released

Mar 2017 – Investment in Eventerprise tops $1.4 million

Apr 2017 EventerAds programmatic advertising products launched

Apr 2017 – Successful US Roadshow #1

Apr 2017 – US presence initiated

May 2017 – launch of EventerQuote/RFP, the first automated request for proposals system for the event industry

Jun 2017 – Launch of Trusty Tribe, independent (white label) review system for both product and service reviews

Jun 2017 – Accepted to leading startup accelerator in San Francisco (12 weeks)

Jun 2017 – featured in Product Hunt, a leading portal for the latest apps, platforms, and other tech creations

Jul 2017 – Launch of Eventerprise Version 5.0

Aug 2017 – Eventerprise registered in USA – Eventerprise Inc

Sep 2017 – Commencement of Accelerator in San Francisco #2

Dec 2017 – Extensive due diligence with SEC approved SF investment bank

Mar 2018 – San Francisco Road Show #3

Apr 2018 – Launch of Eventerprise Version 6.0

May 2018 – Peter Henry, Act 5 Ventures endorses Eventerprise as lead syndicate investor

Jun 2018 – San Francisco Roadshow #4 and launch of LA activation strategy

Aug 2018 – 5000 LA vendor profiles on board

Oct 2018 – Launch of Eventerprise Version 7.0

Nov 2018 – San Francisco Road Show #5 to support the raise

Nov 2018 – Co founder, and Chief Growth Officer, Birgit winner at Stevie Awards in NYC

“I see Eventerprise ballooning in Europe, and skyrocketing in the U.S. These markets are ripe for what Eventerprise is solving.” – Warren Bingham (CFO & COO, Seattle USA