Eventerprise is an early-stage multi-sided SaaS platform that connects transparently reviewed event-related businesses with event hosts.

Market networks are the future and Eventerprise is ahead of the curve with one for the global events industry that combines transactions between multiple suppliers and hosts. Our online profiles facilitate 360-degree communication. Eventerprise is also part of the growing EventTech market and many of its products and services are complimentary to our own technology.

Many event business owners have a weak digital presence and the idea of digital marketing’s complexities intimidates and confuses them. With no central place to display valuable feedback from previous clients, event suppliers have been at a loss.

Eventerprise offers event suppliers a free-for-life digital presence on a trusted platform that connects them with potential clients. Event suppliers are given the chance to target relevant prospects both locally and internationally.

Our Magic Sauce:

Our Magic Sauce gives event business owners the edge over their competitors with custom business profiles and a highly visible digital presence. A comprehensive SEO structure allows suppliers to be searched for, compared, reviewed, and receive requests for proposals on one transparent platform. This solves the issue of dormant profiles that plagues other SaaS platforms like LinkedIn and Airbnb.

Our Advantages:

  • Scalability
  • Market Potential
  • Technology
  • Focus
  • Review System

Some of our brands:

  • EventerProfile – paid option for events suppliers to showcase themselves
  • EventerQuote/RFP – paid option for clients to receive quotes or proposals from qualified suppliers or vendors
  • EventerScore – the world’s first tool to measure the total digital presence of event suppliers. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.
  • EventerAds – paid search for event suppliers/vendors to further boost their exposure to hosts


Our groundbreaking review system, TrustyTribe, is fully owned and developed by Eventerprise. This bespoke review system can be customised to work in the most effective manner. By using client feedback to create trust and transparency, we’re solving the current information asymmetry between event suppliers and their clients. As a white label solution, Trusty Tribe offers the first turnkey review system for service platforms, with the ability to be integrated into a third party ecosystem via our API, creating yet another revenue stream for Eventerprise.

Market Opportunities:

There are substantial market opportunities available because the global events industry is incredibly fragmented, with over 33 million search results just for the term “event manager”. All these event businesses are competing for attention in an unregulated space making it very hard to effectively reach their target audiences.

Our partners, not competitors:

  • Non-user: Not interested in new alternatives and they’re stuck in the old way of doing things. A Luddite.
  • Google: Happy to take on the risk of time-consuming, unverified searches across the internet
  • Social Media: Shotgun method and hoping that someone in your social network knows a reputable supplier.
  • Event Tech: Event management and CRM tools operating in niche verticals that also qualify as suppliers and are complimentary to Eventerprise.com
  • Directories: One-dimensional with no interactivity, transactional functionality or a comparative review system
  • Personal Networks: You only trust information from people you know and don’t appreciate independent reviews

Eventerprise Market Traction:

  • 86 average customers registered per day
  • 1.2 million profile impressions per month
  • 55 799 page views average over 30 days
  • Over 10 547 Facebook fans
  • Over 22 172 Twitter followers on @GotzCEO
  • Presence in 82 countries
  • 18 823 supplier profiles

Eventerprise Hub and Spokes:

Global production hubs for sales, development, customer success, and finance:

  • San Francisco
  • Delaware
  • London
  • Zurich
  • Dubai
  • Vadodara
  • Cape Town

Revenue Streams:

  • EventerProfile Subscriptions: Paid subscriptions for access to premium features.
  • Programmatic Media Sales: Affordable custom ads delivered to targeted audiences via advanced programmatic technology
  • EventerQuote/RFP: Fast, automated request for proposal system for event hosts
  • Strategic Partners: Investors, brand champions, cooperation partners, deal makers and sales partners
  • EventerAds: Add-on products that increase brand exposure on and off the Eventerprise platform
  • EventerJobs: A global recruitment portal for the events industry
  • Commercial Data Exchange (API): Software license agreement with technical or vertical cooperation partners
  • TrustyTribe: A white label review system for platforms

Platforms accelerate the value of creation and we see the value in what we are doing.

Join the revolution with our unique investment opportunities. 

About Birgit Thümecke

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I am an experienced business strategist and entrepreneur who loves to help companies innovate and grow through the power of analysis, creativity, and teamwork. As a career-spanning campaigner for customer success, I promote exponential growth where it matters - your users. My more than twenty years senior leadership experience in the technology and airline industries includes a successful tenure as group managing director of the customer service network of the Lufthansa Aviation Group, with 1800 team members across seven global locations