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Eventerprise Recommended Vendor prove your worth to new clients

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How to become a Recommended Vendor

Recommended Vendor certification serves as confirmation that clients have rated your event services and/or products as very good or outstanding on our independent events platform. Use it to attract new clients and cement your reputation as a professional event vendor.

Follow these steps to become a Recommended Vendor on Eventerprise.com.

Step 1:
List your business

Add your business on Eventerprise.com by choosing either a Basic or Premium option that will display all your business information and make it easier for clients to find, interact, and transact with you.

Step 2:
Get reviews

Invite your existing clients to review you. You need at least three separate clients to give you a rating of 4 stars or more to qualify for Recommended Vendor status.

Step 3:
Activate your Recommended Vendor status

If you have a Premium business listing your Recommended Vendor status will automatically start showing on your Eventerprise profile and you will appear more prominently in search results on Eventerprise.com. You will also receive a printed certificate which we will mail to you.

If you have a Basic business listing you can activate your Recommended Vendor status by making a once-off payment via your admin dashboard, or via the email link we will send you upon qualification. Once payment has been received your Recommended Vendor status will be displayed on your Eventerprise profile, you will appear more prominently in search results, and we’ll mail you your certificate.

Step 4:
Tell the world

We encourage you to tell everyone about your new Recommended Vendor status. Write a blog, share on social media, and of course plaster the logo that we’ll email you across all your print and digital communications. Oh, and start looking for a spot on the wall for when your certificate arrives!

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