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Eventerprise.com is a global platform for the events industry with one supreme goal – to increase the digital exposure of event businesses.

To highlight the benefits of the Eventerprise platform we have invited a number of leading businesses to participate in case studies. Here are some of them:

How does a case study work?

1. Your business receives a free digitally optimized profile on Eventerprise.com
2. You will have access to all our premium features for a few months beyond the normal 30-day trial period
3. We will promote your Eventerprise business profile at our cost over various platforms including social media
4. Once the case study is completed it will be published in prominent fashion on our platforms

All we ask in return is that you:

1. Double-check the profile we have created for your business,
2. Ask some of your previous clients to leave a short review on your Eventerprise profile
3· Make yourself available for a short video Q & A
4· Add your Eventerprise profile badge to your website

Written by Eventerprise
We're solving a global problem for millions of event clients, every day. Our vision is to ensure that those clients, the ones paying the bill and with only one shot to get it right, are presented with the right vendors, venues and event pros. The pros who can deliver on time, within budget, and turn an ordinary event into a memorable experience. Eventerprise is a catalyst for change in a trillion dollar industry. We create transparency and reveal the event community's true potential, beyond the ‘little black book’. Our solution elevates all vendors, venues, products, and services, from obscurity and 'outsider' status to deserved contenders on the global stage. We're leveling the playing field and democratizing the industry. Opening doors for gig workers and new professionals alike. Platforms for voice, transparency, and choice already exist across many industries, and Eventerprise is now the transparent, impartial platform for the global events industry. Join us as we connect the world of events. Profile