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Eventerprise Tech: Inside & Out

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Eventerprise Tech: Inside & Out

By: Guest Author

There are those who only care how fast a car goes, and then there are the others who care about why it goes as fast as it does. This article is for the second group of people, because it’s about the behind-the-scenes technologies we are currently using with the site. Enjoy!

First, the major one: the backend and the heart of the site; the heart of the site – Laravel. In our experience it’s the most advanced PHP Framework and allows expressive and beautiful syntax while allowing us a lot more freedom than other languages. For our data servers we loveMySQL for its efficiency and safety. We utilise Amazon Web Servicesfor file storage and to host our database and we have Elixer, Bower,Node and Gulp for package and asset management which assist us in making any changes easy for everyone to update and improve.

Talking of ‘ease of changes’ (a nightmare for any multi-person dev team) we use Deploybot to write our own custom scripts and even create our own configuration files. It also allows each developer to keep their own specific config file for development and means we can keep development and deployment separate. Then, because we don’t have to give server access to anyone external we can maintain greater security, as we push our customers’ data to our server of choice – DigitalOcean(which is running and hosting our Nginx server, for those who reallywant to know). We use Codacy for analysing and checking that our code performs at a high standard, ensuring the best experience for everyone which links up to our repository in Bitbucket (where we host our code) and we then use SourceTree to manage that repository. This makes life easier: easier to share code between team members, easier to correct issues and easier to update everyone’s code with the latest, greatest changes.

To further amplify user experience we utilise a variety of tools for analysing data, like Google Analytics (obviously) and Tag Manager, which allow us to see where on the site our users are going and what’s important to them. Cloud-scale performance monitor DataDog is another tool we use and it helps us improve our site’s performance and see where network issues are pretty darn easily.

What about the front end? Currently we’re using JQuery, Bootstrap andSASS, but things are expected to change as better options become available – never rest on your laurels.

Communication is, and always will be, absolutely key – and you won’t find one solution for all your needs. The various Eventerprise teams are communicating via WhatsApp, Slack, Hipchat (great for chat history) and Basecamp. Communicating externally – with you and our clients – is also a really big deal, and not as easy as you’d think… For the site we use Mailjet (for emails) and Twilio (for text messages) as they constantly deliver the best possible service.

It may seem complicated, but making sure everything is as simple as possible is still what drives us – the faster we can get things done, the quicker we can keep improving and leading the way in the industry! In the fast paced, ever changing events world, we need to make sure we do things the right way, quickly and efficiently, as best as possible. We won’t be left behind, we wont be playing catchup.