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Eventerprise is the first global events platform that offers event-related companies, large or small, the opportunity to generate more business by making it easier for potential clients to find, compare and review them in one transparent space. Central to this are the custom interactive profiles (EventerProfiles) that elevates the digital presence of each event-related business.

An EventerProfile includes the following powerful features:

1. Description and other information

A detailed description and other relevant information about your business are added to your Eventerprise profile based on publically available information.

We don’t expect our customers to know the best way to make an effective, appealing profile – that’s our job. We have an entire team dedicated to crafting each new profile so it’s beautiful, professional and does the job we promise it will. This takes the effort, and the weight, off our customers’ shoulders, and makes the entire Eventerprise experience better for hosts trying to find the most effective event solution.

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Although our dedicated team creates your profile, you are still able to edit it at any time and add important information such as your business strengths and and prestigious business or industry awards you have earned.


Badges are an ideal way of showing potential clients how popular your business is and how long you have been in the industry. Displaying them helps to build trust, create buy-in and show off your main achievements.

3. Images

65% of us recall information better if it’s paired with suitable images. Relevant, high-quality images on your profile will also boost your credibility since it gives customers the opportunity to peruse actual examples of your work. Your Eventerprise profile gives you lots of space to promote your services or products visually – make full use of it to increase your visibility.

Basic: 25 vs Premium: 50

4. Videos

Research has shown that online videos now account for 50% of all mobile traffic and consumers are 50% more likely to buy after watching a product video. Use the video section of your Eventerprise profile to add videos of successful events, promotional videos and even video testimonials.

Basic: 5 vs Premium: 10

5. EventerVid

You can create beautiful slideshow videos with static images to show customers your unique processes, event sequences, or just show off some of your best images with the EventerVid tool.

Basic: No vs Premium: Yes

6. Reviews

90% of consumers are influenced by feedback from other consumers. Good reviews show your customers that they can trust you to deliver on your promises and their feedback also helps you improve your offering. Making reviews a priority is a great way to maximise your Eventerprise profile.

Basic: 5 vs Premium: Unlimited

7. Categories and keywords

Don’t forget that well thought-out categories and keywords can make your Eventerprise profile a lot more searchable. Choose the correct categories and keywords for your business so that potential clients can find your profile much quicker.

Basic: 3 categories and 3 keywords

Premium: 10 categories and 10 keywords

8. Supplier connections

Display your business connections and affiliates to show current and potential customers that you are an established professional and trusted by your peers in the event industry.

Basic : 10 vs Premium : Unlimited

9. RFP Priority notification

Premium profiles receive immediate notifications when a general ‘request for proposal’ has been submitted by a potential client. This gives you the opportunity to be the first to respond with a proposal.

Premium: Yes

10. Social media

If you have an amazing business description, beautiful high-quality images and videos, impressive badges and lots of business connections then your profile is likely to be shared on multiple channels. We have set up your profile so that it is easy to share to almost every social media platform out there.

11. Dashboard

Your dashboard is the heart of your Eventerprise profile. It allows you to track your profile performance including number of profile views, reviews and other interactions. You can also manage all of your industry connections and requests for proposals from here. Your dashboard allows you to:

Email requests for reviews to your existing clients

Receive notifications when new RFPs are submitted

Respond to quotes, RFPs or general client queries

Access your EventerScore

Basic : Limited access Premium : Full access

12. Eventerscore

This is the world’s first analytics tool for event suppliers. Now you can evaluate your total on – and off-site digital footprint and make the right improvements to grow your business. The beta launch of Eventerscore took place on 15 March, 2017. Eventerscore uses gamified levels to help you understand the status of your digital presence and gives you tips on how to improve in the areas you might be lacking. Premium subscribers will automatically have Eventerscore added to their dashboards.

Hosts are tired of searching through endless unverified search results. A detailed Eventerprise profile will increase your credibility and the likelihood of clients finding and sharing your profile. So get a free-for-life digital presence for your business now and make sure hosts can find you where it counts.

Written by Eventerprise
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