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Everyone’s a winner baby!

Written by Charlie Wright · 1 min read >

Everyone’s a winner baby!

By: Charlie Wright

So here’s a thought; I’ve always felt that serving our client’s was nothing short of an outright privilege. Forget the notion ‘the customer is always right’, that’s a given, and if you’ve got to the point where you’re actually having to acknowledge this and back track then something is clearly already broken and you’re in the fire-fighting business and lets face it for an event specialist this is far from a core strength!

I’m not going to get all gushy about this but the bottom line is our client selected us, our service, our team and our ability to deliver because of something over and above having a great product. There were other great products available yet we had been selected because we had something else. It doesn’t matter what that was – what matters was the client recognised this and has selected us, and we were always flippin’ extatic, in fact we could have kissed them we were so grateful for the business. Delivering on what we promised was what we did best!

After each of these events, we didn’t simply settle for payment and a pat on the back – no, we were always after the bigger picture. We wanted a repeat client, a raving fan, and an ambassador who didn’t stop singing our praises! Too much to ask, surely not? Of course not. So how did we make sure? Simple by thanking them. Let me explain as it may seem obvious. The client in our mind was mostly comprised of two parts; the client company itself – the one responsible for paying the bill and of course the clients’ appointed POC (point of contact) – the individual so often flung into the deep end without much of a say but on whose shoulders so much rested. Its worth pointing out here that this poor individual often aged dramatically during the life cycle of the event and more often that not ended up suffering a mind altering transition and which to the battle hardened event specialist was an everyday undertaking. The point was we always made a point of thanking both our clients, it didn’t matter in which form whether it was our own branded wine or chocolates carefully boxed and uniquely labelled and numbered or a commemorative leather bound photo album with a professionally taken photograph of their event (at our expense). What mattered most was acknowledging both clients and it went a very long way to ensuring we got the repeat business we sought – from both sides.

We did this by rewarding ‘event miles’ or a two tiered loyalty programme that rewarded the client with points for their next event and the POC who could then carry these points over to his or her next career move whilst at the same time leave a position and hand over to the incoming replacement with a very well organised tool-box and an immediate company discount! Everyone’s a winner baby! The magic of course is in the formula. Happy days.