Executive Rookie Spotlight: Malikah Dollie

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Executive Rookie Spotlight: Malikah Dollie

By: Guest Author

My name is Malikah Dollie, and I am a Junior Visual Designer at Eventerprise.

For the first three years of my studies, I focused on media and digital design, which included art theory, media law, layout design, typography, and so on. In my fourth year, I decided to challenge myself by diving into the world of 3D design, focusing exclusively on video game design.

Before working at Eventerprise, I was participating in a design internship at a branding company which happened to be in the same building as Eventerprise. I left that internship a month early and applied for a position as an EventerCamp Design Young Gun. Two days after my 24th birthday, I was invited to interview with Shayne, the Head of Talent Acquisition, Barry, the Head of Digital Marketing, and Justin who was the Lead Designer at the time.

My interview was successful, and I was invited to participate in a three-month design internship, where I would be able to gain digital experience and further develop my design skills. Initially, my primary focus was on promotional work for our social media channels, creating banner images, and maybe a sprinkling of text overlays and a pinch of Photoshop photo-manipulation.

It was when our content team decided that we needed to have custom illustrated artwork for our blog that my challenge really began. Given that I had never done digital illustrations before, I was not sure how I was going to step up to the challenge and make the content team proud.

I started off by seeking inspiration from other illustrators and eventually learned to combine basic shapes and turn them into pieces of art. Day by day my skills improved, my designs became more elaborate, and my workmates were assigning me more digital design work.

The HODs soon decided that my fresh design approach, along with my feminine touch, was something that the company not only valued but wanted more of. After my Young Gun stint, I was promoted to my current position and became the first ever Eventerprise Executive Rookie.

The promotion exposed me to more responsibility and gave me the extra push I needed to wear my big-girl-pants so that I could reach new heights. As part of my new duties, the Lead Designer gave me the responsibility of supervising the new Young Guns, managing their workload, assigning them tasks, and ensuring that their designs were on-point.

Working at Eventerprise has taught me how to use my voice more and to stand up for my creativity, to channel criticism and use it for positive growth, and has helped me develop a clear way of communicating with my non-design orientated colleagues. Being able to multitask has always come naturally to me, but being assigned higher priority tasks with tighter deadlines has definitely improved my multi-tasking abilities.

Every day, it gives me great pleasure to be able to see my work on a global platform, and I proudly get to say “I did that!”

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