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Five exciting new event types happening in 2018

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New event types

Popularity is a fickle mistress; just because something was popular last year, it doesn’t mean that it will still be popular today. Take Flash Mobs for example. In 2003, when flash mobs were still a novel concept, everyone was jumping on the flash mob bandwagon, but because most of the unique ideas have been recycled one too many times, they dropped out of fashion and are now seen as kitsch and cringeworthy. If you want your event to stand out and be noticed (for the right reasons), it is imperative that you plan your event around modern trends.

The event industry is continuously changing, so keeping up to date with the latest trends and concepts can be tough. To help you plan the perfect event, we’ve done some research, and found five exciting new event types happening in 2018.

Virtual Reality Trade Shows

While trade shows have been around for centuries, virtual reality experiences at trade shows are an entirely new concept. Traditionally vendors at trade shows would rent a small booth and then have to tell a compelling story within the allotted space. The problem is that it can be tough to tell the story of your new product line in a confined space. And since you’re competing with other booths, grabbing and maintaining the attention of your audience can be an uphill battle.

By using virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, booth owners can gain a distinct competitive advantage by transporting their audiences to custom built showrooms, with ideal lighting, and no distractions. And since VR experiences are still novel, many people will line up at your booth just to see what a VR showroom looks like. Another added advantage of a VR showroom is that people don’t have to attend the trade show to visit your showroom. All they need is a VR headset and a stable internet connection.

Projection mapping events

Projection mapping allows event organisers to project images, videos, live streams, and visual effects onto any surface. When event organisers first started using projection mapping, it was primarily used to display branding and decorations throughout a venue. As the technology became more affordable and accessible, people started getting more creative. It wasn’t long before projection mapping went from being an enhancement to becoming the main attraction.

Nowadays, you can attend full projection mapping events. Artists spend as much time working on their projection sequences and effects as a band would devote to writing songs and rehearsing their shows, and the results are stunning!


In the last decade competitive video gaming, known as eSports, has moved away from poorly lit bedrooms to become a billion-dollar industry. Matches are taking place everywhere from shopping malls to purpose-built stadiums, and are drawing crowds of over 30 000 people; ESPN even has a dedicated eSports channel!

The legitimacy of eSports has led many businesses to sponsor professional teams or to host small gaming events as part of their promotional campaigns.


When the internet was still in its infancy, everyone knew that arranging real-life meetings with people you meet online was a surefire way to get into trouble. Fast forward to 2018, and people are using apps like Uber to call strangers to their front door, and they’re using various online platforms to arrange meetups.

Meetups allow like-minded strangers to, well, meet up. Professionals use meetups to meet people in their industry with whom they would otherwise never have had an opportunity to engage. Special interest groups use them to recruit new members. People visiting new towns or countries can get in touch with locals who share their hobbies and can make new friends. No matter what industry you are in, or what hobbies you have, there is more than likely a meetup for you. Can’t find a meetup that suits your needs? Host one yourself!

Popup events

Up until relatively recently the only industries that hosted popup events were the food and retail industries. However, due to the increased popularity and success of popup events almost all industries have taken note of them, and are starting to host their own.

Pop up events vary wildly; from ballet studios offering free a ballet barre class in the middle of the street to a climbing store opening a shop on a cliff face, all you need to host a pop up event is a memorable venue and some imagination.

Cliffside Pop Up Shop: Source – Gear Junkie

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