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Five of the Best Farm-to-table Eateries in Denver

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Five of the Best Farm-to-table Eateries in Denver

Colorado has been rated the eighth healthiest state in America, and its capital Denver follows the trend. Denver’s wide variety of farm-to-table restaurants makes healthy eating easier than ever. We have hunted down five of the best eateries in Denver for you to check out. Whether you are on holiday or looking for a quick bite to eat, these places are sure to tickle your palate.

Old Major, one of the best farm-to-table eateries in Denver, stand by their locally sourced ingredients. Chef, and owner, Justin Brunson knows what real organic food means as his childhood consisted of gardening, hunting, and fishing. Justin shows his passion through his menu, as well as through his active in-house butchery, which serves delicious, cured meats and cheeses. It doesn’t stop there; Old Major serves a variety of vegetarian and seafood dishes leaving you wanting more no matter your preference!

Sazza, one of Denver’s unique farm-to-table restaurants, knows how to combine two basic foods that everyone loves together, salads and pizza (hence the name). Sazza believes in complete transparency when it comes to their food; their menu specifies if their ingredients are organic or purely grown. Sazza is not just filled with organic and purely grown food, they also recycle every piece of paper, glass and plastic they use to serve you with. Support Sazza’s environmentally-friendly initiatives by hopping down and leaving your own green footprint!

The Urban Farmer balances modern sophistication with rustic decor, serving only the freshest ingredients to locals and tourists. The head chef at the Urban Farmer maintains friendly relationships with select farmers, fisheries, and ranches around Denver, linking farm soil to plate. Drive down to the Urban Farmer and experience their devotion to freshly sourced ingredients in their succulent steaks and top quality produce!

Root Down situated in Commons Park Denver is well known for their roots of flavour by connecting the strengths of harvesting in-house produce to the individual strengths of owner/chef Justin, executive chef Jeremy, and general manager Brian. Helping them to create globally shaped seasonal cuisine. While keeping the farm-to-table concept Root Down also runs many sustainability practices, for example, the restaurant is powered by 100% wind energy and 75% of the restaurant was built by reclaimed, reused and recycled materials. If you would like to follow your salad creation from being picked to your plate, then head on down to Root Down

Potager restaurant and wine bar is owned by father and daughter Teri and Tom in Capitol Hill, Denver. Teri was one of the first restaurant owners to take on the farm-to-table lifestyle, believing that the most delicious food is eaten in season from local farms and plantations. As Potager only uses ingredients in season their menu changes every couple of months. Starting from the 10th of January Potager will be serving the best comfort food, ranging from French Onion soup to Shepherd’s pie, warming the cockles of our hearts.

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