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Tech is changing the event game forever

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Tech is changing the event game forever

By: Guest Author

The event pace is an ever-changing environment. Something unique and special can quickly become mundane and expected. That is why it is imperative that event planners stay ahead of the times to exceed expectations. If modern event planners embrace new technology trends, they can ensure happier, better-engaged audience members. If you want to stay ahead of the times, you should investigate the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, Live streaming, RFID, and VR|AR technology.

Artificial Intelligence Julius Solaris, founder of event trends platform EventMB, says he could talk for hours about how artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms will change the event experience, although some innovations are likely to take hold sooner than others. One will be chatbots: computer programs designed to answer frequently asked questions in a way that mimics human interaction with a conversational partner. They can be controlled through text commands or voice activated and are already being placed at strategic points throughout conferences or events. RFID Radio-frequency identification, or RFID, technology enables digital data to be encoded in tags or badges and transmitted to physical readers using radio waves. Video game controllers, keyless car fobs and fitness wristbands are just some of the gadgets using it. And while it is not widely used in the events industry because of its cost, this is almost certain to change, says EventMB’s Mr Solaris. Live streaming Live streamed events are already taking off. Look at the way Twitter has broadcast NFL football games and Facebook has shown baseball to their millions of users, enabling sports broadcasters to reach vast new audiences. However, many in the event industry are wary that it could end up cannibalising their ticket revenues, as people decide not to show up in person and simply tune in online. “There is a love-hate relationship between planners and live streaming,” says Mr Solaris at EventMB. VR and AR Virtual engagement at events is also being revolutionised by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), – a trend likely to accelerate. Mr Thomson at Gallus Events thinks AR, where objects viewed in the real world are augmented by computer-generated visuals, could make content much more dynamic. Using enabled smart glasses, phones or tablets, attendees are already able to view supplementary information about seminars, or experience breathtaking mixed reality at exhibition stands.

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