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Gift Baskets Are The Perfect Gift For Any Event

Written by Robyn Blassoples · 3 min read >

Every year without fail I have a tough time deciding what to buy for close friends and loved ones around the holidays, especially when I want to show the effort put into it instead of another gift voucher. Recently, I’ve been sending gift baskets as these are the one present that I recognize will be appreciated. Gift baskets are a great way to say thank you, whether it’s for something personal or work-related. You purchase a bunch of goods and have them sent to someone’s house with a note. It’s like sending a bunch of flowers, only less romantic and more exciting or sometimes tasty – although gift baskets can contain flowers too if you want. 

There are 2 reasons that I really feel a gift basket is a smart option, especially for holiday gift-giving:

The first reason is that gift baskets can be tailored to match any person or any kind of preference. There was a time when “gift basket” suggested fruit and fruit alone. Thankfully, those days are long gone. 

The second reason gift baskets are terrific gifts is their range. Gift baskets have become a way to reflect the personalities of the people they’re bought for. From bottles of wine and mini spirit sets to jewellery, snacks, facemasks, gadgets, make-up and make-up tools, skincare, serums, luscious body washes, body lotions, and fragrances, there is a gift basket for every single person and age. 

When the gift basket I was sent from my mother-in-law got here, I was pleasantly surprised by its contents. It was a spa-products gift basket, with bath salts, face, hand and body creams, bubble bath, cacao body butter rubs and also soaps, exfoliators, facial products, and fragrant body mist. I figured there was no time like the present to see if would like anyone of the products, so I decided to give them a shot. I’m typically very particular about what I buy when it comes to skincare and bath products as I have sensitive skin and certain products cause breakouts. I was cynical that I would enjoy any of these, every one of which I had never come across before.

Let me say that, these were the finest spa/skincare products I have ever used. Not only did I enjoy them, but I also needed to know even more about them and where they originated from. After finding out the name of the website my mother-in-law used to buy the basket, I discovered that these were European spa items I could easily buy online. That was the information I required, however, the genuine shock came from seeing the various gift baskets available. If you can think of it, there seems to be a gift basket out there for it. 

For example, sending out a chocolate gift basket for chocolate lovers is a given that they’ll absolutely love it because there’s a lot of different kinds of delicious chocolates in the basket, they are sure to locate a minimum of a few that they appreciate. Also if a person likes some greater than others, isn’t being able to try them all out truth reward of receiving a gift basket? Instead of restricting your offering alternatives, gift baskets allow you to give a gift that is put together especially for the person and that includes enough options to satisfy. Because of these factors, gift baskets truly are the ideal present. When it is a girlfriend’s birthday, I love to switch it up and give them a gift basket with their favourite snacks, a bottle of wine, a good hand cream, a luxury lipstick and nail polish, and other items such as make-up brushes, cotton pads etc which they may need or find useful.

I like receiving gifts, let’s face it … who in the world doesn’t. Getting flowers from my husband always makes me feel special. The cards I receive on my birthday and also the holidays are priceless to me. Still, there is one gift I eagerly anticipate more than any other. I have an aunt that I have always been close to who sends me a gift basket each year for Christmas. In over ten years of getting gift baskets from her, I have never ever had the same basket twice and have never felt anything less than delight over what she sends. I have had gourmet gift baskets of crackers, olives, tapenades, and fancy cheeses, Swiss chocolate gift baskets, wine gift baskets, spa product baskets, and a few others. There’s something unbelievably special about a gift with a fantastic range of items to choose from and enjoy.

It doesn’t matter what the theme is, I feel like a kid in a candy store. Every year, the hardest part for me is to choose is what to buy first. Over the years, I have come to expect as well as enjoy the gift baskets greater than any type of other gift I get. Last Christmas, my aunt bought the basket late and then it also got here a couple of days after the holiday. In spite of all the fantastic gifts I received from loved ones, I actually missed out on having a gift basket. It really felt as though something I appreciated a lot for as long was absent. When it finally got here, it  Christmas for me again! Because my aunt began sending me gift baskets over a decade back, I have sent her one each year too. We constantly chat after the holidays about what we enjoyed the most. I assume we’re both addicted to them. 

Recently, I began sending them to various other friends and family.  Every person seems to love them and I get a lot of appreciation over my options. I assume people enjoy tasting items that they may not think to get or that are inaccessible is a genuine treat. 

The next time you are questioning what to get as a present, I suggest a gift basket. You’ll be amazed at how much it will be appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed.