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Grow your digital credibility with reviews powered by TrustyTribe

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Grow your digital credibility with reviews powered by TrustyTribe

By: Götz Thümecke

In order to stay relevant these days, your service or product platform needs an effective review mechanism. The advent of social media and the growth of the Internet has made traditional brand advertising nearly irrelevant in building your business – unless you facilitate feedback. To your customers, feedback from other customers is what matters.

In an age of digital transparency, where consumer confidence and social proof are the true validators of a product or service, we saw a gap in the market. After conducting vigorous tests on all the leading review systems, and failing to find one that was cost-effective, user-friendly, and suitable for both service and product reviews, we’ve created TrustyTribe.

TrustyTribe is a white label review system that plugs your platform or ecommerce site into customer opinions, giving you the power to create better consumer experiences with improved products and services, and as a result grow your business.

Don’t ask us why that’s important, ask the 86% of shoppers that consult online reviews before making a purchase. User generated content is the most powerful way for you to understand your consumer base and promote your business’s products and/or services. In fact, if you want to grow your business in today’s digital market, it’s absolutely essential.

In this digital age, understanding customer needs and preferences has become the most important business tool in any market. With TrustyTribe, you can tap into your customer’s point of view and convert satisfaction and trust into sales. But it’s not just great for marketing; ratings and reviews increase your site’s organic traffic, raise the ranking of your paid ads, and boost your SEO, which in turn makes it easier for new users to find you.

The TrustyTribe plug-in is very simple to use, ideal for both product and service reviews, with unrivalled platform and SaaS compatibility. It also makes use of Neo4j, software that helps visualise relationships between various data sets, helping you garner further insight into user behaviour.

Substantial effort and research have gone into creating the most user-friendly and cost-effective review system based on the latest technology out there, so that you don’t have to. Now you can start generating valuable customer feedback with a simple monthly licensing agreement that gives you immediate access to TrustyTribe’s Javascript-based widgets, which integrate seamlessly into your existing platform or website. Simply place the widgets wherever you would like users to leave their reviews.

Get in touch to start using reviews powered by TrustryTribe on your platform or eCommerce site. Email us at [email protected]