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Grow your event business with these powerful features

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Grow your event business with these powerful features

By: Guest Author

As part of its commitment to help event suppliers grow their businesses, Eventerprise has developed a range of powerful products and features that help suppliers to be more visible online, get access to more potential clients and make it easier for potential clients to find and connect with them.

Get your free-for-life digital presence with an Eventerprise Profile:

In order for an event business to thrive, it needs a digital presence. A custom made Eventerprise profile does just that, and it’s done for free! An Eventerprise profile gives event suppliers the chance to entice potential clients with multimedia options that showcase details, accolades, and offerings in an extremely appealing manner. A profile will help event suppliers sell their services, products, or venues because clients will be able to find, share and connect with them.

Make sure you find out first with EventerQuote/RFP Priority Notification:

EventerQuote/RFP is an automated request for proposal or quote system that has made the process of planning an event easier for event hosts. No longer do event hosts need to scroll through thousands of search engine results or deal with unreliable event suppliers.

If an event supplier has a profile on Eventerprise they have more chance of being found when an event host is searching for services. Premium profile subscribers can get a jump on new business with priority notifications for the newest requests for proposals/quotes from event hosts that are delivered to their inbox.

Don’t waste the valuable reviews you receive from clients:

Consumers don’t care what business owners have to say about their businesses, they want to hear from past clients. A scary statistic indicates that 90% of consumers will look at what previous clients have said before committing to buying something. Most consumers won’t trust what you put on your website, so what is the solution? Event suppliers can now display their reviews on our transparent platform. Platforms like Airbnb and TripAdvisor have done it for accommodation and travel, so why can’t Eventerprise do it for the events industry? Google recognises reviews as unique content – so the more reviews you have, the higher your ranking will be. A premium account will allow event suppliers to display an unlimited amount of reviews.

If you don’t have SEO, you may as well be dead:

SEO (search engine optimisation) could be described as the magic that allows Google and others to find your event business details and display it in the most prominent and engaging manner when someone searches for your product, services or venue. SEO is a technical, time-consuming and complicated affair and this is why we have made sure that your Eventerprise profile has all the SEO bells and whistles to ensure that potential customers can find you. Profile category and keyword selection play an important role and premium profile account holders can select up to 10 categories and 20 keywords.

Supplier Connections make a difference:

Connections and relationships within an industry are important when it comes to success and this is extremely true in the events industry. These connections are good for the operational success of an event business, but they also fulfill a key marketing function when building trust with clients. Potential customers are more likely to use an event supplier if they are connected to other trusted industry players. Eventerprise has now made it easier for event suppliers to display these relationships and build trust.

It’s impossible to manage what you can’t measure and EventerScore is the solution:

Your event business may have a digital presence, but how good is it really? Without being able to measure your exposure, you can’t improve on it and that’s where EventerScore comes in. you can find out how your event business is doing online and make improvements where they are needed so you can attract more clients. EventerScore is the first digital analysis tool for event business owners, and best of all – it’s 100% free.

Stay in control of your event business with your own dashboard:

Your Eventerprise profile is up and running and now you need to make it work for your business. The dashboard is your mini control room and it allows you to track the performance of your profile with a daily EventerScore update, an audience overview that includes profile views, shares, and reviews. If you are a Premium profile holder you will be sent priority notifications so you can respond to requests for proposals and quotes straight away. Another handy tool is the newsflash event suppliers will receive – stay up to date with the latest news and insights from the events industry right from our blog, EventerHub.

Display your accomplishments with Eventerprise badges:

Premium Member: This badge indicates that the event supplier has access to the premium features that the Eventerprise platform offers.

Newcomer: A Newcomer badge will tell everyone that the event supplier’s profile is new to the Eventerprise platform.

Awards: An awards badge will show any event hosts or suppliers that you have received industry awards, accolades or any special achievements.

Trending: Just like Twitter, an event supplier can display a Trending Badge if their profile has had 20 views over the last 30 days.

Years of Service: This badge indicates the number of years an event supplier has been in the industry. It is measured from the day the event business was founded.

Reviews: This may be one of the most important badges that an event supplier can display on their profile. It indicates whether the event supplier has received any reviews from previous clients.

Trusted Suppliers: If an event supplier wants to create trust with potential clients then reviews are the starting point. This badge indicates that an event supplier is trusted based on the number of quality reviews available on

Start growing your business today. Get access to all our powerful features.