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How to Include LED Walls in Your Wedding

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How to Include LED Walls in Your Wedding

By: Micah de Jesus

Wedding planning is a tedious process, but when done correctly, any amount of time, effort, and money spent on it would be well worth it.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable change in how weddings are celebrated, and much of this can be associated with technological advancements. Needless to say, social media presents an even greater challenge for couples to come up with a wedding celebration that is unique, fun, and extra special! Whether you’re planning your wedding or someone else’s big day, one option that’s sure to take your event up a notch is the inclusion of LED walls in your wedding setup. This article will give you a better idea of how to incorporate LED walls into your wedding decor.

Brilliant Ways to Use LED Walls in Your Wedding

1. As an Interactive ‘Bulletin Board’

With so many things happening during your wedding, it would be difficult to capture everyone’s attention especially when there are important announcements to make. However, this will not be the case with LED walls in your wedding.

An LED wall is large enough to quickly grab attention. Therefore, to deal with coordination challenges, you can use it to display special instructions, countdowns, or special announcements – resulting in keeping all your guests in the know.

TIP: Create an interactive bulletin board that features personal dedications from the couple’s friends and loved ones. This will make as a good and meaningful surprise that’s suited for the occasion!

2. As a Memorabilia Wall

Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to share with your family and friends your most treasured ‘love story’. A great way to do this is by using LED walls to display a personalized timeline featuring photos and mementos describing your bride-groom relationship. Using the LED wall in this way at your wedding reception ensures all attention is focused on you the couple. It further provides a source of entertainment for guests as they view included photos or videos of your fun adventures (and misadventures) so far as a couple.

3. As a Themed Backdrop

LED walls make a spectacular wedding setup and decoration. You can use it as a backdrop that can be changed from time to time or as a fitting background linked to the theme you have chosen. Using an LED wall like this can be incorporated into any wedding theme of choice, it creates a focal point at the wedding venue and treats your guests to a delightful visual spectacle.

4. As a Streaming Video Support

For sure, you’d want all your guests to have the best seat in the venue so they can get a clear view of what’s happening on stage. However, this isn’t always possible especially in large venues. One smart solution to deal with this is to use LED walls as a streaming video support. This is to allow even those at the back to get a front-seat experience and never miss out on the enjoyment. You’ll be able to expect full participation from your guests and prevent them from leaving before the celebration is over.

5. As Visual Entertainment

Spice up the fun and entertainment during your reception with LED walls. Create a visual attraction that can feature live performances so you and your guests can have a concert-like experience. It can also set the mood especially for the bride and groom’s first dance or during slow dances when you can use a visual enhancement to make the moment more magical and romantic. Furthermore, LED walls can easily showcase the candid moments in the wedding that truly deserve to be put in the spotlight.

Weddings become extra memorable with the right elements in place. With LED walls you can engage your guests, get everything well-organized, and add the special touches that can make your wedding an event to remember!

Do you have other ideas that you want to add to this list? We’d love to know your thoughts. Send us your comments!

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