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The importance of being digitally savvy in the modern workforce

Written by Guest Author · 1 min read >
Digital savvy in the workplace

Newly graduated from university with a degree in Industrial Psychology, I pursued my goal and applied for a Junior Digital HR internship at Eventerprise.

I’ve been working at Eventerprise, an online digital platform, for a month and a half and the amount of digital knowledge that I have gained is unbelievable. Being in this environment has made me realize the importance of digital knowledge in the workplace and why we all need to become more ‘digitally savvy’.

Eventerprise is one of many online digital platforms in existence; this shows the world of technology is changing and companies should actively start preparing for it.

I read an article which mentioned the five forces shaping the future and it focused on how technology will overwrite the tasks and duties that employees currently execute. Hierarchies will be a thing of the past and emphasis will be placed on specialists and the use of platforms to globally connect employees on a 24hr basis.

Analytics, algorithms, big data and automation will accelerate and enhance productivity and decision making, and automate and abolish tasks previously performed by humans.

Because Eventerprise already uses platforms to connect employees, I’ve seen overwhelming looks on the faces of our new interns but it doesn’t take them long to adapt to our environment. They quickly learn the ins and outs of social media and Google functions (Docs, Calendar, Drive) and the basics of our project management system – Basecamp. These systems allow Eventerprise to operate at a much faster pace. Amazing, isn’t it?

The struggle companies like Eventerprise face is that they need to recruit people who are already ‘digitally savvy’. Recruiters or HODs would save plenty of time if they didn’t need to train people on what a SaaS company is or how to develop research skills, attention to accuracy and gain knowledge of the digital economy.

In a few years, the same will apply to many companies as paperwork will cease to exist, communication channels will overflow, projects will be developed in shorter periods of time and productivity will increase.

Taking all of this into consideration, why not become ‘digitally savvy’ now? When you have acquired this valuable skill, check out all our career opportunities at Eventerprise.