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Elevate your online presence with EventerScore

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Elevate your online presence with EventerScore – Video

By: Guest Author

EventerScore is a tool that helps event professionals to measure the quality of their online presence against key metrics, such as SEO ranking, social media activity, and domain authority. By comparing their digital performance to benchmarks within specific event categories event professionals can make the improvements that will grow their business.


Potential clients need to be able to find your event business online. If they can’t you might as well not exist. Worse – a poor online experience will chase them away.

A digital consultant or agency will cost thousands and time you don’t have.

But now event professionals have EventerScore – a FREE tool that measures the quality of your digital presence and helps you make your event business more visible.

EventerScore grades your digital presence in three areas:

– How active you are on the Eventerprise platform

– How well your own website performs

– How active you are on social media

It also benchmarks your business within a specific event category so you know how you are faring against your immediate competition. Category badges from Rising Star to Grand Champion show visitors exactly how well your event business is doing online.

EventerScore provides practical tips and advice that will help you improve your digital presence and attract more business. All it takes is 60 seconds:

-Go to

-Fill in your web address

-Your event category

-Your email address

Get your score, follow the tips, and give your event business the visibility it deserves.

Take the first step to improving your online offerings by discovering your score at

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